Apostle Suleiman in dirty scandal after allegedly abandoning pregnant Canadian lover (Details, photos)

The founder of Omega Power Ministries, Apostle Suleiman has been dragged
to court in a N500million lawsuit, by a girl he allegedly impregnated
and dumped.
It is alleged that he promised to marry the lady, Miss
Stephanie Otobo, as soon as he divorced his wife.

In a letter Miss Otobo’s attorneys, Festus Keyamo Chambers, wrote to the
Inspector-General of Police, she alleged that her romantic relationship
with the Auchi-based pastor started in Canada in 2015. She also
disclosed that she left all she got through hardwork in Canada, and
relocated back to Nigeria to become the Pastor’s mistress, as she also
alleged he promised to buy her a house immediately she arrived. 

She went
on to reveal that when she arrived Nigeria, Apostle Suleiman took
drinks and gifts to her family in Delta State, signifying his his
intents to marry her, an event that had her mother, sister, cousins and
other family members in attendance.

In another letter dated March 03, 2017 and addressed to the Pastor, it
was alleged that Apostle Suleiman who wanted more male children, will
invite Stephanie to all church programmes in Europe and Canada, where he
slept with

her after each programme. It was further revealed that the Pastor will
lick the lady all over, before each sex bout. She also alleged that the
Pastor once asked for a threesome orgy with her friend, which she
refused because he had already proposed to her. According to Stephanie,
at some point, she was the one sending sermons and songs to be sung in
Apostle Suleiman’s church.  She also alleged that she sent nudes the
Pastor asked for every Sunday morning, as she said it helped him preach.

The lady who dragged the Pastor to court, claiming N500M in damages for
breach of trust to marry her, further alleged in her March 3 letter that
when she got pregnant and informed the Pastor, he got angry and wanted
her to abort the baby as he alleged it will tarnish his image. She then
that she was given a concortion to drink, which made her bleed
profusely, after which he called off their engagement. Stephanie who
alleged she went back to Canada after the incident, said she returned to
Nigeria after she was begged by the Pastor who wanted to silence her by
all means. 

According to Stephanie, she was arrested at a United Bank of
Africa branch by heavily armed policemen from Federal Criminal
Investigations Department (FCID), Alagbon, at the Anthony Village area
of Lagos when she went to withdraw money paid into a frozen account by
the Pastor, and has been in detention, where she has been denied food
and visitation by her lawyers. The lady also disclosed that before her
arrest, she met a Pastor in Warri who she told her story. The Pastor who
recorded it all, was alleged to have been using this to extort money
from Apostle Suleiman.

Here’s the letter;


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