I’m God, Jesus is not coming back – Pastor tells church

A 27-year-old controversial church founder in Zimbabwe, Given Dube, has caused outrage after he claimed that he is God and that Jesus is not coming back.

Dube, who claimed to be God, wants Africans not to believe that Jesus is coming again.

According to a newspaper, Zimbabwe News, Dube who is the founder of Umuzi ka Nkulunkulu (House of god) Church in Pumula South, had told his members to address him as God as the Holy Spirit had descended on him and declared him God.

The pastor is said to have been telling his members that he is the God who made the heaven and earth and has power over all creation.

He added that the belief that Jesus is coming back was just a fallacy used by religious scholars to hold people in perpetual fear.

In an interview with the newspaper, Dube who has a Holy Book which his members use for their daily guide emphasized his claims by saying he was God’s host on earth.

He said, “I am being used by a spirit which I cannot even see. I only saw it in a vision once when it first appeared to me in 2008 when I was in Chipinge for National Youth Service training.

“Since then, God’s spirit speaks to me and I hear his voice and that spirit uses me. For people to believe me, I write everything down and that is the holy book referred to as Uluju Lwezulu.

“I am God and do not need anyone to explain my words. I have written this book and it guides people in their daily lives.

“When Jesus came to earth, not all people listened to him and he was even killed. Now I have come, some have listened and I will guide them.

“They believe the lies they are being told that Jesus is coming back again. I can tell you that he is not coming back again as the religious leaders use that to instill fear in people.

“I am God and I plan. I just command and it happens. You also have to understand that I don’t expect everyone to see me as their God, but they first have to accept the word and understand, so only church members recognize me as their God.

“I command, I can stop diseases and wars in the world or even command them to happen. This is a different belief from Christians who are still waiting for the coming of Jesus; I am already here.”

Some pastors and Christian leaders in that country have petitioned the government to stop Dube from spreading falsehood, but nothing has been done yet.


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Parading them alongside suspected armed robbers, kidnappers and traffickers at the command headquarters in Asaba yesterday, the Commissioner of Police, Zanna Ibrahim, said in November 2016, Ojei asked Loveth Ojie to help her get a housemaid before she brought Samuel.

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KFB Movie Review: Light will come is an average comic relief…

For the Newbies, the KFB movie review is an every Friday column that
gives you a cinema guide on which movies to watch and not watch! You can
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Today's movie for review is The Light will come!

Synopsis: Light
Will Come tells the story of Lukas (Hafiz Oyetoro) a bumbling and
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Raymond’s parents have mandated him to get married and the
desperate search together with Lukas to find the ideal wife his elite
parents would approve of repeatedly goes wrong.

Starring: Mercy

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