How a Yahoo boy ran mad, stabbed prophet’s wife during deliverance

According to reports, a yahoo boy who was brought for deliverance after
he ran mad during rituals, stabbed the wife of the prophet.

The Sakawa/yahoo boy (a term used to identify internet fraudsters who
also perform rituals), had been brought before Prophet Agya Daadie, who
is the founder and senior pastor of Jesus Power House Ministry, for
deliverance, after he ran mad following a failed ritual.

The yahoo boy was said to have stabbed Prophet Daadie’s wife on her
shoulder when the people who brought him tried to reschedule the
appointment after learning of the prophet’s absence.

The woman reportedly bled until she became unconscious. She was taken to
the hospital and is said to be responding to treatment. Meanwhile, her
husband has refused to take the case to a police station or even press
charges. He said:

“I was immediately informed so I called my personal doctor who
attended to my wife. She is safe but I have not reported the incident to
the police because it is spiritual for the simple reason that this is a
boy who went for sakawa (money rituals) and he was asked to have sex
with a mad woman as a form of rituals but he refused so he got mad and
was brought to me for deliverance. There has been a covenant with the
boy and other spirits are tormenting him due to the tattoos which he has
made on his body.”


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