A special feature of 20 yoruba movie stars and their love stories (photos)

A day without you is a day without sun, a night without you is a
night without moon; a life without you is a life without life. This is
definitely the love quote on the lips of many couples across the globe
especially the celebrities in this love season. And as the celebration
of the love season is ongoing, City People GBOLAHAN ADEATYO writes about
the love stories of 20 Yoruba movie stars who have been able to keep
successful marriages.

Popular actor, Aina Gold is married to Olabimpe Olajumoke, an
assistant head in a public school and also the chairman of board of
directors of a private school called B-Gold group of schools. Olajumoke
and Aina Gold met when they were very young at their neighborhood in
Oshodi, Lagos. Her father has a street adjacent to Aina Gold’s father’s
house which gave them the privilege to be attending same church in the
axis. There, they met and became friends and a relationship started, the
rest, as they say is now history. This was before the actor went into
acting. Olajumoke is a quiet type and well reserved. Their union is
blessed with successful and grown up kids. One of them got married to
another veteran actor’s daughter, Fala in December 10th 2016.

Omolara is the pretty wife of seasoned actor, Muyiwa Ademola aka
Authentic. She got married to him almost 15 year now and their union is
blessed with wonderful kids. The Ekiti-born woman of substance is a
graduate of Adult Education & Community Development. The love birds
met each other under the rock in Abeokuta through a friend’s friend who
introduced her to Muyiwa before they started talking. Subsequently, they
became husband and wife particularly 4 years after. Since then, it has
been nice and wonderful though it hasn’t been easy but glory to God
almighty that has been seeing them through and protecting the union.

Ruth is the wife of the talented Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola, she is a
staunch born again Christian who doesn’t use any form of jewelry but
the beauty of the lord always shines on her. They got married a couple
of years ago and their union is blessed with three boys. The Abeokuta
Ogun State-born woman was an undergraduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic
where Odunlade met her. She was said to be doing business as well and
Odunlade wooed her up. Information has it that then, she thought
Odunlade wasn’t serious about it due to the fact that he is an actor but
today, their union is blessed with kids. With the status of the husband
and the way women surrounds him any time he steps out, one might be
wondering on what has been keeping the marriage going but we can tell
you that what distinguish her among others is that she is very
understandable. Apart from being a good house wife, she understands and
gives support to her husband. She doesn’t listen to side talk.

Sometimes in relationship, where you meet your spouse doesn’t matter but
what is more imperative is how you treat yourself at the first contact
with him/her. And that is exactly the love story of star actor, Funsho
Adeolu and his wife, Victoria. Their union started for more than a
decade when Funsho met his wife at Zeb Ejiro’s office. At that time she
worked there behind the camera. They started as friends and then
something happened between them. Funsho liked her because she was very
original and simple. She had no make- up, no modern hairdo and also she
wore some very decent clothes. She had very African look and that was
very attractive for him. The lady gave him a slightly tough time because
she kept dodging him, but hard as Victoria tried to evade him, God
always brought them together sometimes one way and then another. They
can’t explain it, but they always met each other and every time Victoria
wanted to run away from him, the actor was always there to surprise
her. They courted for about eight years. A lot of people considered that
as a very long time, but it was a really great period in their lives,
according to them.

Though, they’ve both be living as a couple for a very long time but
Omolara and Olaniyi Afonja aka Sanyeri were legally joined together in
December 1st, 2013. She is a business type. They met and fell in love a
decade plus at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos when Sanyeri was
showing his first movie. Then, he wasn’t known because there was no fame
as at then. If you are not popular and you produce a movie and you are
not the lead actor, it is only the few people who know you will
appreciate you by exchanging pleasantries with you. For him, he was in
the midst of people appreciating him for a job Weldon and he sighted her
from afar, he showed interest. They were 2 standing and Sanyeri didn’t
have that courage to meet her directly, he walked up to her second to
explain himself but her response was totally out of it as she said her
friendship with her doesn’t permit her to tell her that one man wants to
date her. Sanyeri finally walked up to Biodun and he started with the
introduction of his name and to make things worse, he told her he is
the producer of the film she just watched which she doesn’t like to
hear. He wooed her up but she rejected him and walked away with anger,
instantly, Sanyeri returned to her friend to get her number but she told
him she doesn’t have a phone, to cut the story short, she gave him
Biodun’s mother’s mobile number and he started calling her mum anytime
he want to talk to her but she was not always available. Sanyeri made
sure he moved closer to her family by talking to her mum on phone. It
got to a stage where her mum had pity on him just because she saw the
way she was mal-treating him, so, she forced her to talk to him and that
was how they started talking before the dating. Today, they are legally

The wife of popular actor, lecturer and MTN ambassador, Hafiz Oyetoro,
aka Simply Saka is Olaide Oyetoro. They have been married for over 10
years and they have three children. They met while Hafiz was a lecturer
at the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education and Laide was a student
at the same college.

Although, she is also an actress but Mojisola Afolayan got married to
Veteran Yoruba actor, Rasaq Olayiwola aka Ojopagogo almost 13 years
now. Their union is unknown to many people apart from those in the
industry. The couple got married in December 3rd, 2003. Moji is a
daughter of late movie legend, Ade Love. They were both working in the
same industry but when the actor’s first wife died many years ago, he
fell in love with Moji and they became husband and wife in 2003. Their
marriage is blessed with kids.

The love story between comic actor, Bolaji Amusan aka Mr. Latin and
his beautiful wife, Ronke was divine because their ways of connecting
was little bit funny. Latin met his wife while strolling along his
office at Isabo in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He asked her out but as an
actor, she merely laughed off his request. He pestered her for some time
and she eventually agreed after two and half years. They got married in
1999. Mr Latin was swept off by her beauty, straightforwardness and
sincerity. While his wife saw that he was very different among her
suitors. They dated for two years before they decided to get married in
1999. Though, Ronke’s father initially objected to their relationship
but her husband later won him over. At the time, nobody wanted to give
his daughter out in marriage to an actor. But after observing that Latin
was truly in love with his daughter, he gave his blessing.

Femi Adebayo met Omotayo in Yaba Lagos in 2014 when the actor paid a
visit to Yaba and he spotted the babe from afar. Overwhelmed by
curiosity, Femi we learnt approached her and they both exchanged
contacts. Having gotten her numbers, Omotayo, we were hinted didn’t give
in initially as Femi chased her for good 6 months before both got
intimate in 2014. The Lawyer turned actor cum Special Adviser to the
Kwara State Governor, Abdulfatai Hammed on Arts, Culture and Tourism,
Femi was so secretive about his 2 year romance with Omotayo that nobody
including the media got a wind of it. Even when the actor had an
exclusive interview with City People Gbolahan Adetayo in June 2015 on
how his first marriage to Khadijat crashed, Femi was so cautious about
revealing the identity of his new lady. All he told us was that he will
be getting married soon. The wedding ceremony which finally held a few
month ago remains one of the biggest celebrity wedding that rocked 2016.

The love story of Afeez Owo and Mide Martins is obviously known to those
who are in the industry but in case you don’t know, let us tell you
that Afeez is someone who Mide grew up to know. Afeez was her mother’s
manager. When Funmi Martins died, he was the only one that stood by her.
From there, they got closer and then they started dating. He was the
only one Mide had then. There was nobody else, she didn’t have a
boyfriend and no one else came. He was the only one there for her and
the love set in completely.

That popular Yoruba actor, Ibrahim Chatta has gotten married for the
third time is no longer news. The talented role interpreter was joined
in Matrimony with upcoming actress, Olaide, better known as Lizzy Berry,
on October 1st 2016 at Palmroof Hall 2, Alakuko Road, Agbado, Lagos
State. The news now is how they fell in love. Immediately after the
actor’s second marriage of the actor to Salamatu crashed a few years
ago, Chatta, it was learnt, relocated to Ibadan, Oyo State to
concentrate on what puts food on his table, which is acting. Months
after, he allegedly found solace in his new bride after they had met at a
movie location. He wooed the lady after she started acting under his
tutelage, and also working as his Personal Assistant (P.A). Ibrahim, it
was further gathered impregnated his P.A and the love birds decided to
legalize their relationship on October 1st. The union is now blessed
with a baby boy.

For Tunde Owokoniran and his wife, they actually met in Nigeria. At the
time of their first meeting, Tunde was actually in a relationship. He
had a girlfriend then. However, he started having issues with his ex
because he is naturally emotional and things started getting to him
which was affecting his mood. Despite all he was going through, he
informed the new lady who was very caring, soft-spoken and intelligent.
Tunde then knew he had to marry her because he discovered that whenever
he spoke with her, he got encouraged. And she’s been there every step of
the way for him. They’ve known each other for five years and
officially dating for three years before they eventually got married in

Oyekanmi Adekola is a Yoruba actor and younger brother to star actor,
Odunlade Adekola. He met his wife, Blessing Adekola in school; because
they were classmates at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Mass
Communication department. That was in 2010 to be precise. They were best
friends, but what really attracted them to each other was religion. She
agreed to his proposal because God has chosen them to be one and they
are meant for each other. In her first ever interview conducted by
Gbolahan Adetayo, Blessing said “I didn’t even know that he is Odunlade
Adekola’s brother until a few months after we started the relationship.
In the first place, I didn’t believe Odunlade Adekola’s brother was in
my school, not to talk of being my classmate or best friend. I am the
kind of person who does not mingle or attach herself to people; I didn’t
believe it until I confirmed it. I asked him that I was told Odunlade
Adekola’s brother was in our class and he confirmed it”.

On Monday the 18th of April 2016, popular Yoruba actor, Bigval
Jokotoye was in the news prior to a quiet wedding which he had with the
love of his life who is based in America. The lovebirds legalized their
relationship at Fresno California. However, from America, the tall and
very handsome we learnt met the lady 2 years ago and they got talking
before they fell in love with each other. They actually prayed about it
and their families met. Now, they are married. Her attitude and meekness
we learnt Jokotoye attracted to her in the first place. She is a
well-trained woman who is very religious with the fear of God which is
the most important thing on earth. When you meet a partner that fears
GOD, you should be rest assured of a happy home. The fear of the Lord is
the beginning of wisdom. She is from Ijebu Mushin, Ogun State and the
first born of her family.

For almost 6 years now, start actor, Sunkanmi Omobolanle married his
Dublin based wife Abimbola. Before then, the couple dated for 19 years.
They were not even together for that 19 years , she was abroad while he
was here all through, but within that 19 years he has other girls whom
he was dating before he made up his mind that he was going to get
married to her. When the actor was asked in an interview, he said he
think his mother’s influence supported the marriage because she wasn’t
fortunate to meet his mum one on one before she passed on but she bears
his mum’s name and she share some similar things with her.

The King of Entertainment as Don Richard is often called by his fans is a
well-known actor in the industry. He came into acting about 28 years
ago and he has tremendously been contributing to the uplifting of the
industry. He got married to his colleague, Kenny Don Richard in 2006.
Kenny has been acting since 13 years ago and she has played lead roles
in some hit movies like Eku Metta,ELEDE,Idao Ola,Itele,Inuji and many
more. Their love story started when they met at a movie location where
Don was the director and he asked her out.

Another celebrity couple on this list is Toyin and Sunday Adewale, Toyin
is one of the highly sought-after actresses in the Yoruba movie
industry. She started her acting career in primary school but
professionally in 1988. Her 1st blockbuster film was ‘Irepodun’ by
Korede Films in which she played the lead role. Toyin met her husband,
Sunday Adewale at Rimax Institute, Ojokoro, Lagos where she studied
Dramatic Arts, more than 20 years ago. Sunday Ademola Adewale is a
movie director; he also act in few films. He doubles as a script-writer.

Popular actress, Bukky Adekongbe better known as Aminatu Papapa and
Lukman Raji a.k.a King of Swagga are good in role interpretation
especially as ‘Tout”. Bukky delved into acting a couple of years back
under Murphy Afolabi’s caucus and she has featured in several hit
movies. She has also produced thriller movies, like Aminatu Papapa, Omo
Oro and others. The Epe, Lagos State born actress is married to Lukman
Raji. During the shooting of Aminatu Papapa Part 1, she was 3 months
pregnant for the King of Swagga and put to bed a baby girl before the
concluding part of the movie was shot. Without you been told, one can
hardly know they are husband and wife with kids.

Alhaja Kuburat Temitope Adekola is the wife of popular comic actor,
Kamilu Kompo with real name, Adekola Tijani. She was an actress who
trained under the tutelage of star actor, Muyiwa Ademola Authentic’s
School of Drama and she stop acting to become a full time house wife to
Kompo after they met at a movie location and asked her out. Her husband
stopped her from acting simply because he believed there will be problem
in their union if she continue

Just like the story of others who met their spouses in the job, same
it is with Esther Kalejaye popularly known as Omo Jo Igbo, a name she
got from a movie called Omo Ghetto produced by Funke Akindele. She got
married to her colleague, Afeez Eniola. They are both doing well for
themselves in the industry and their Union is blessed with kids.


“Nobody Dares ‘Toast’ Me” You just gotta love the super love between Alao Akala & wife, Kemi

They have been married for many years and this love seems
not to wane!
For former Governor of Oyo State, Ogbomoso-born Otunba Alao Akala,
life without his pretty wife, Kemi is incomplete. They display love publicly
and are always seen together at events.
Blessed with a son, Kunle, the union has definitely withstood
the test of time. 
In an interview, the former
First Lady, who will be 55 in July, talks about her husband:
He is a very good man. He
takes good care of us. It hurts me when people say...
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