RCCG was busy setting up churches on every street, yet they missed this boy – OAP Freeze is talking again!

Reacting to this before and after photo above that went viral last night, OAP Freeze who is always against Pastor E.A Adeboye and RCCG, had this to say:

Redeemed was busy setting up churches on every street, yet they missed this boy….. I bet with you, that there was a Redeemed church within walking distance from this starving child, branded a witch by the same doltish belief system that extorts your first salary every January, having you willingly give your hard earned money in a recession, to a church where the G.O has a private jet and leads a life of sheer opulence!

The Nigerian Pentecostal church brands people wearing tattoos as bad and ‘unchristian’ whereas this woman with all her tattoos is more Christ like than all your ‘Daddy GOs’ can ever be. What she is doing is all Jesus requires of us, Jesus NEVER COLLECTED TITHE or first fruit and his disciples didn’t collect it either!
As a matter of fact, no Christian church collected tithe for 600 years after Christ died and resurrected.

History claims that Mungo Park discovered the Niger and we wonder “what were the Nigerians living around the Niger doing, that it had to take a foreigner to discover a river we were bathing in and washing from?” My answer was simple “The same thing we were doing when hope was found” ~FRZ

P.S. Anyone that demands your entire January salary from you, in this recession, is a thief! Anyone who gives it is a fool!

The little boy was rescued after he was abandoned by his family in Akwa Ibom due to witchcraft saga.

Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. He said nothing but the truth. We are so myopic in our thinking weneva it concerns pastor saying touch not my anointed, I beg to differ. It's good to behave Christlike cos d title Elder, Pastor, GO, Deacon/Deaconess etc Na just title. We still are all made of flesh and there's no perfection in nature, so humans will be humans except my GOD that is exceptional

  2. It is sad when individuals seek to bring down others, accusing them of the same irresponsibility they are guilty of. I wonder why people believe others should be responsible and responsive to issues and they should rather be immune to. My brother- Freeze, if you have not lifted others too around you, like tiu have accused the RCCG of, you are as guilty. Jesus charged us all to go into the world, make disciples of all; love God with all our heart and love our neighbours as ourselves

  3. This man spoke the truth though, he made sense with what he said but the question is, what have u done for ur Nation my dear Freeze? How many people have you helped too?

  4. 'Daddy' Freeze (I'll call you that because you talk as if you know the scriptures so well that you are willing to go up against anointed men of God), did you not read in the Bible that Judas Iscariot was the man in charge of the treasury (the purse that Jesus and his disciples kept the money gifts and offerings in)?
    Some of the things that the G.O.s use are not their property but that of the church. Do you know that Pastor Adeboye has announced another G.O. for the Redeemed Christian Church? I'm sure that Baba Adeboye will not carry the jets to his own estate, but hand them over to the new G.O. who will use it to move around and coordinate the branch network of the church all over the world.
    You say he is living in opulence. Let me ask you a question: If you were a Pastor and you fasted and prayed for a member, and God spoke to you about that member on what he/she should do to be able to have a breakthrough in life. You deliver the message and the member obeys the instruction. He thereafter becomes wealthy because God blessed him. His offerings become fat. His tithes become heavy. Then he shows up at your house one day and brings a new set of chairs to replace the tattered ones you have at home, with leather, highly expensive ones. He tells you that he HAS to do this, because your God took away his shame. Would you say no? Consider the fact that even YOU probably don't give attention to the poor pastors and evangelists on the street who try to preach to you every morning when you are on your way to work, simply because they are not 'presentable'!
    Does the church setting make a little more sense to you now? Or are you an agent of Hell sent to keep maligning servants of the Most High God?

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