Only God could have done this! My narrow escape in November 2016

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I bless the name of God for making me see the end of 2016.
The narrow
escape I had by end of November of the year could only point to the
fact that  God is mighty and the  great  Deliverer.
I left the  Camp  on a personal deal for home. It was not a Service day.
.At Mowe bus top where l stood with other commuters  waiting for a vehicle  to Berger and beyond

….a  bus appeared with the  Conductor’ calling  its destination. A
lady first rushed to the  entrance of the  bus, almost ,went in,, then
she turned back and got down.
Next  was a male commuter. He too had
stepped  inside the  bus before he rushed out. My mind was not on them..
I was only thinking  of  how the money on me would be sufficient to
take me back home.
I  had put my legs in when the last man who
suddenly changed his mind asked me to give him way to get down. As he
did, I went in. I found out that all the  main seats had been occupied,
leaving the  singular seats by the door sides of the  bus.
Still my
senses were dumb and inactive . I was going to the last seat at the back
when I heard one of those sitting at the back uttered some curse’s on
those that got down.
That  gingered me up. As I lifted up my face to
look at those seated already, I had a kind of rumbling inside me. Their
faces were stony and strange.. Some fear gripped me!
I was almost sitting down when I decided I was no longer  going .
That was the  battle raiser.
‘Let me get  down ‘, I cried out. No way.
The driver  moved on. The dus conductor was closing in the  door.
I began struggling  with him to  let me out, he was adamant. I don’t know how to describe the scenario  of five minutes.
All these were happening  around 4pm!
The Lord God Who had me in mind that I would see the  end of the  year, gave me upper hand.
I could not tell where the  energy came from- me, a woman in my late 40s struggling with a strongman  as a bus conductor!
bus had gotten to a distance of about 500meters before I managed to
come out.- with some level of force  in me and some pushing from the
I thank  God I escaped.
I thank HIM for making me sensitive in my spirit.
it have been by force to carry  passengers who wanted to change their
minds of not going with the bus even before the bus embark on the 
I was shocked and shivering  by the time I became conscious of where l was.
Later, I was hearing different stories to confirm my fear. However, glory be to God for the deliverance
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Tireni Adebayo

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