KFB Movie review: ‘Brother Jekwu’ is a retarded comedy, not for the serious minded

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Synopsis: Mike Ezuruonye takes on the comical role as Brother Jekwu a village champion with ‘earthquake English,’ who leaves
his village in Nigeria to Kenya to work for a no-nonsense female boss,
in this comical role. (Written by FilmHouse and SilverBird)

Starring: Mike Ezuruonye, Angela Okorie, Huddah Munroe, Wofai Fada, Klint D Drunk, Funnybone, Nedu.

Average at best. ‘Brother Jekwu’ is a retarded comedy. Not for the
serious minded. But the good thing is, it doesn’t pretend to be; as you
can see from its poster, it’s not ashamed of what it is- Retarded! And
retarded can be good! As long as you take care to leave your reasoning
and common sense at home. You will have to. Because if you venture into
this crap-shoot of a comedy with your brains, you will miss the point
and be left with an overflow of frustration and irritation. You’ve been

However, if you get the point, and laughing at ridiculousness is what
you are feeling like this weekend, then you won’t find ridiculous,
better served anywhere. Amidst some revolutionnarily bad acting, lazy
scripting and a jumbled story, ‘Brother Jekwu’ manages to offer some
really hearty  laughs, the likes of which we haven’t seen Nollywood
bring to the cinemas in ages. It feels genuinely innocent and
simplistic; it’s Stupid in a good way. So, go for it!

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Not Recommended, for the serious minded.

You can watch trailer below:

Review by O.Cube!


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