Birthday Girl Toke Makinwa somewhat addresses marriage scandal in monologue video

In celebration of her birthday today, popular OAP Toke Makinwa has just released a 3 minute haunting clip called ‘On Becoming’.

Directed by Kemi Adetiba in the just released video
Toke delivers a monologue and in the background you can hear press
coverage and heavy criticism on the role she played in her marriage
breakdown to Maje Ayida last year.

“Hi guys.. it’s my Birthday today, apart from the fact that I am a big
birthday girl; I love celebrating my birthdays, this year I have so much
to celebrate. I started working on Project “On Becoming” a year ago and
before I let you all in on the Big reveal, I would like to share with
you, On Becoming Visuals. It was directed by award winning Director Kemi
Adetiba.” she captioned the snippet shared on youtube!

Watch video below:


KFB’s heart-to-heart! They have been engaged for over a year and now they are having issues…

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Hi..I'm a 32 yr old..been dating my man for a year..he just turned 37..we've bin engaged over exactly a year October 30th..his birthday. He proposed at 4months...lately we've been having a lot of issues..he used to come to mine every evening after matter how late..he would make sure he sees me almost everyday of the week..did every and anything for me..called me his wife for everyone to it started with him working all the time..visitation reduced to almost nil..picture gone from his wallpaper etc...
I haven't seen him in about a month now...although his calls didn't reduce..initially. ...l couldn't take the distance anymore so I drove to his office...on a Saturday. ..he said he was working. .under the pretense that I was heading to the mall and needed...

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