The deep story behind the Glory! Nigerian couple, Femi and Tomi Adisa, who welcomed set of twins twice in two years, tell their emotional experience…

A few weeks ago, Film maker/C.E.O. at LoveSeed Entertainment, Femi Adisa and his beautiful wife welcomed their second set of twins, barely a year after they had the first twin set. We broke the News (HERE).

In this exclusive interview with Kemi Filani Blog, the beautiful couple shared their story of love, sowing, faith, depression, disappointment, seeing Jesus and the big testimony!

Enjoy our interesting conversation below:

Having Twins:

Tomi Adisa: Yes, I was expecting to have a set of twins because I was surrounded by twins.

My mum had twins but she lost them. My step mum had twins twice but lost one from the first set.  I was seeing so many twins around me; I just fell in love with twins.

My best friend in secondary school was a twin, Kehinde Ojo. I was just seeing twins everywhere around me. And when I do I hug them, play with them and give them something. Then after law school and about to settle down, I told God what I wanted. One of the things I told God was that I want twins as the first fruits of my womb.

For that, I started sowing seeds every month. I wasn’t in any relationship then, but on the lookout.

Then 2013, Shiloh hour, at the redemption camp, I was there. The program was for women looking for the fruits of the womb. I wasn’t married, but I was there.

Daddy G. O sat on some seats and asked us to sit on them and tell God what we want. I sat on one and reminded God, what I want; a set of twins as my first fruit.

Then in 2014, I got married. But my husband never liked the idea of twins. He prefers one child at a time but when I told him that I have been sowing seeds for twins, he just had to accept it.

We got married January, 2014, and in October of that same year, we had a set of twins; 2 boys.

The final baby bump photoshoot

Femi Adisa: …..I wasn’t really keen on having twins, but when my wife told me all she had known to have twins, I knew there was no way I could escape that. So, I just agreed with her. But we wanted a boy and a girl set. If that was the case for the first set, that was going to be it. No more babies; just the two of them.

Double twins? We never expected it

Tomi Adisa: For the second set, I never expected it. It was a knock out. After the boys, I just thought I would go one more time, have a baby girl and stop. I just wanted one child, a girl, then I also thought of having twin girls, then I liked the idea. But when I remembered the stress the boys put me through, I just knocked the idea.

Then one day, the Holy Spirit asked me, what I really wanted and I just told him that “Let thy will be done in our lives’.

Then I thought I would have just one baby and I was prepared for that.

Then, when I went for the scan, the lady was like ‘Awww, I could see two hearts beating, congratulations’. I thought she was joking until she showed me the screen, I was devastated and I started crying. It was not tears of joy oh.

I could remember the stress I went through for my first set. Then at that time, my boys just started teething, so I was weighed down.

My mind was not ready for another set of twins, I cried and cried and my husband was just there consoling me. For some months, I was disconnected from my pregnancy; it was too shocking for me. But after a while, I came around and got more focused.

The first set was twin boys, then the second set a boy and girl.

Tomi’s photoshoot with her first twin boys

Life as a mother of two sets of twin within 2 years; I was almost depressed

Tomi Adisa: It hasn’t been easy for me at all. For the first set, it was kind of stressful; the shift was just too much. My aunt came to stay with me, I had a house help, yet I couldn’t cope, I kept falling ill. But later I braced up and faced the challenges. Then I did a lot of praying too to support myself, because I was almost getting depressed.

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One of the things that helped me a lot was praying, then my husband too was my backbone and it made things a lot easy.

Femi and Tomi Adisa

No regrets having double twins

Tomi Adisa: No, not all. I don’t have any regrets at all. But I had wished I could experience how having a single baby would look like. But the longing would have to go, because I’m done. I wouldn’t want to try again. I’m so done!

Labour room experience: I saw Jesus!

Tomi Adisa: During the first set, the inexperience was just there. I was seriously waiting for my water to break. Prior to that day, I had gone shopping and stressed myself out. My doctor had even told me to prepare my mind for a CS; because one was traverse and the other was bridge. I was sad because I really wanted to have the experience of having a normal delivery. Just like an African woman, you know.

So, that fateful night, I was in the bedroom and my husband in the living room, because I used to turn on the AC to the highest always because that’s the only way I could sleep then. My husband sleeps in the living room, as he couldn’t stand the room’s temperature.

I was in labour and had already started seeing blood, but I was still waiting for the water to break. So, when I went to the bedroom and told my husband, we called the doctor and asked us to come over immediately.

As we got there, they prepared me, took me into the labour room and I as operated upon.

But something remarkable happened that day while I was unconscious.

I saw myself in a factory-like kind of setting, it was a cartoon setting; animated. Then, I saw Jesus, animated, it was not real. Then in my mind there, I was like, finally I’m heaven, I have seen Jesus. Let me just stay and not go back. Let me go back to the world, sin against God and not make heaven again, let me just stay. I honestly, didn’t know why I thought of that at that time.

So, when it got my turn, He said, no, I have to go back that it’s not my turn yet because of the ministry he committed into my hands. Then, I became conscious again. When I told my husband what happened, he was surprised and was like, so I didn’t even want to see the babies’. I told him I didn’t even think about them in that state of unconsciousness.

Then the second set was had through selective CS. We just picked a date, went there, had the operation and that was it. It was a lot easier because I have had the experience below.

Femi Adisa: I prayed all through the time my wife was in for a CS. The two sets of twin were delivered on a Sunday morning, I just had to connect to God and pray for safe delivery.

Our love story

Tomi Adisa:  After law school, I was on the lookout. Then, I started working with Dove Television; The Redeemed TV station. I had a show that I was anchoring then, Our world; a youth program.

So, one day the producer introduced a young guy to the program, he has a music Studio and also doing lots of things. When he came to the show, there was nothing so special or attractive about him. He was just like every other regular guy. But during the show, I noticed his mind was very deep. The interview session was just so interesting that I didn’t want it to end. From there we connected. Starting as friends and here we are today, the rest is history.

Femi Adisa: Yes, after the interview, we exchanged phone numbers and continued to keep in touch.  It wasn’t love at first sight, we were just friends and we used to hang out together.

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A friend of mine even told me to woo and start dating her. But I said No! That Tomi is a very serious type (laughs).

However, when I got to know her better, things started working out. But before I asked her out, I had a 7 days prayer and God convinced me that he is meant for me but on the condition that her calling; her female ministry, she must stay through to it. That was the conviction that made me go ahead.

The ‘dramatic’ proposal

Tomi Adisa: After we started dating officially, we started making plans for marriage immediately. We met our respective parents and all that but I still wanted him to do the ‘official’ proposal.

So, my husband cooked up something very dramatic.

One weekend, one of my close friends that stays in Abeokuta, suddenly showed up to see me. I didn’t even perceive that anything was coming up. I thought it was just a normal visit. We were so engrossed with lots of gist.

Then the next morning, which was a Saturday, around 6.30, I heard voices of people in the window singing. Where I stay then is a very quiet estate, everybody minded his or her business.

So, when I heard those voices, I knew it was my husband. He came with his friend and one of his sisters. They were actually singing a song that he composed for me. I rushed out, trying to hush them to just stop but they wouldn’t listen.
I keep on hushing them to stop because only their voices could be heard within our neighborhood, but they didn’t stop and he was just smiling. That was when it clicked that he was up to something. So, immediately, he went on one knee and proposed I quickly took the ring, wore it and said ‘yes’ to him because I just wanted the whole drama to end. I was so embarrassed, I felt the ground should just open and swallow me (laughs).

It was not exciting at all. I was just so embarrassed that when I remember it now, it just makes me frown and smile at same time.

Thank God he made an effort to give me a dramatic proposal, now I have a story to tell.

Somehow, it was embarrassing to wear his ring about. My parents even used it to make jest of me. But within me, I knew I had found a perfect match for me. I was fully convinced that he was made for me. He had lots of good qualities which I also desire for my children.

…And we were starved on our wedding day!

Tomi Adisa:  That very day, nobody remembered to give us food. We were practically forgotten. They were lots of assorted food but we didn’t get any. We just sat down there watching people eat all our food and they didn’t even give us (Laughs).

Thank God for Mummy G.O, that came to our rescue. She brought us food after the whole ceremony, just while we were on our way to the hotel. She sent a driver to get us the food she made in her house.

There at the wedding hall, I had to beg an usher to get me a pack of juice and that was all we had during the reception.

Femi Adisa: Aside the starvation part, I was so shocked when we got to the church for the wedding. I was like is there another wedding or event going on here? Because every where was so filled up with cars and all that.

Fun time Honeymoon

We didn’t really go anywhere. We were in Lagos all through. We had lots of fun together and also got to know about each other. We still have plans to go on a destination wedding some day (laughs). But know we have to face the kids.


We are grateful to the Adisas for sharing their inspiring and beautiful story with us!


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  1. I so much love this. Truly every glory has a story behind it. Ehya. Congratulations Mr and Mrs adisa, I am so happy for you. God will provide you with all you need to take care of the twins and you will live to reap the fruit of your labour on them in a Jesus name

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