Sad story of how a Nigerian award-winning photojournalist Yinka Adeparusi was found dead

Nigerian award-winning photojournalist who works as an editor with,  Adeyinka Adeparusi, has been confirmed dead in an accident.  

It was confirmed that he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Abuja and died on the spot.

Yinka was last seen alive when he stepped out of his apartment at about
1.00 pm in Kugbo area of Abuja on Sunday, November 13, with a brief
‘I’ll be back’.

His body was discovered in a morgue in Abuja where he resided today,
Tuesday, September 15, 2016, hours after several news published articles
that he had gone missing.


That awkward moment when a Nigerian guy beat his wife to coma for investing family savings in MMM

Nigerian guy beat his wife to coma MMM

One housewife, identified as Mrs. Ogenyi, has been beaten to stupor by her
angry husband for allegedly investing the family’s saving in Mavrodi
Mondial Moneybox, otherwise known as MMM, Daily Post reports.  

Daily Post gathered that problem ensued between the couple, who resides
on Balogun Street, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos Sunday afternoon, after the
husband returned from a trip to his hometown in Benue and discovered
that the family saving box was missing.

On inquiry from his son, Oche, the father was informed that the mother went out with her friend around 4pm and had not returned.

The husband who works as a driver with one of the...


Can you solve this difficult car-in-a-box brainteaser (UPDATE)

Three boxes, all with car drawings on the outside, have statements underneath them - but only one of them is true.
Can you work out which box has a car in it?
View answer and explanation below!

The puzzle reads: "There are 3 boxes, exactly one of which has a car. You can keep the car if you pick the correct box!
"On each box there is a statement, exactly one of which is true.Box 1: The car is in this box.
Box 2: The car is not in this box.
Box 3: The car is not in box 1.
"Which box has the car?"

The answer

Box 2 contains the car, but only 37% of people get this right.
If the car were in box 1, then the statements on box 1 and 2 would both be...


Timaya falls In love with mystery lady in Onitsha

Timaya with the unknown lady

No one knows her name, or in fact anything else about her.

But a stunning lady in red appeared to captivate Nigerian music star Timaya over
the weekend.

It was in Onitsha, Anambra State in the thick of the
night, when the controversial dancehall act spotted the lady in a crowd
of fans, during a scheduled performance at the Legend Real Deal
Experience show.

‘He walked up to her, pulled her out of the crowd, and danced with her on stage,’ one eyewitness told Thenetng.

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