KFB’s Today In Court: Man accused of killing son over paternity mess

For our new readers, the KFB’s Today In Court, is a weekly Friday column, where we bring you the most controversial court case witnessed during the week by Kemi Filani Blog.

Divorce seems to be the other of the day in Nigeria, even our celebrities are not left out in these unpleasant dramas.
The case between Mr. Wahid and his wife for over 12-years Mrs. Kubura is yet another interesting one.
 Mr. Wahid brought his wife to Ojo customary court for divorce over infidelity.
The middle aged man claimed he wants his marriage dissolved because his wife wants him dead by all means.
After i married Kubura, we had 2 kids, before I traveled for a business trip. I loved my wife, she meant everything to me. But before I traveled, my wife was not pregnant, there was no sign of pregnancy in her.
However, to my greatest surprise, when I came back from a short trip, I came home only to meet my wife pregnant. I asked her how come the pregnancy, how come she didn’t tell me she was pregnant. I had thought that she would explain things calmly to me, all I got was the insult of my life. 
She rendered all kinds of insults on me. I was shocked at her words, if not for the sake of God, it would have resulted to something else that night, I later told her that since she has refused to be reasonable as a wife, that I was going to leave the house for her till she is ready to say the truth about her mysterious pregnancy.
Continuing, the visibly angry man said “I left her and went to my shop in Festac where I make dress. I later heard that she lost the baby, but i still continued living in my shop.
I don’t know how she got the address of the place. One day I was in my shop when she came with fight, she scattered everywhere, calling me names. 
She was shouting ‘Ole Ole..Thief Thief’. So, i was scared and started running along the street of Festac like a mad man, at a point I was surrounded by crowd, some came with 4by7 ply wood, some with iron, some with fuel and matches, I was crying and shouting that I am not a thief, it was very hard for them to believe me, but for the timely intervention of a woman who I use to make cloths for at Agboju area before I left to Festac.  She came to my rescue. If, not I would have been a forgotten issue by now.
Kubura claimed that i was responsible for the death of her child, laid all sorts of curses on me. She swore that I will never make it in life, and that she lost the child because I refuse to accept the child as my own, so for that I must suffer for the lost of that child,”  he lamented.
When the respondent was asked to defend all the allegations leveled against her, she could not say a word, rather she was crying all through. 
The suit was then adjoined for another date as the court President, pleaded with the couple to try make mend the broken fences in their marriage.
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