Be inspired! Let’s tell you about Abimbola Ipaye of ‘Bimms’ Aso oke

My name is Abimbola “Bimms” Ipaye. I am the Managing
Director of “Traditions by Bimms”. I started 3/4 years ago but I’ve been
on my own since I was 14 years old.

Abimbola Ipaye of ‘Bimms’ Aso oke

I have paid my own way through since then. I would fetch water, run
errands just to make money because at that time, there was no other way
to survive. I had a very difficult childhood but I allowed nothing break
me, I just kept pushing.

When I was in the University, I still had to send money home to my
siblings and mum. The business I did then was sew and sell ankara
patched skirts to people. After I graduated, I got a contract job in a
pension company but I got tired of the job. One day, I saw my then
boyfriend’s mum making beads and felt she could do it better, so I went
to the market with N15,000, bought materials and made 3 beads out of
that. I wore one of the beads on myself and people started requesting I
make the beads for them.

Soon, I started hanging around a family friend who makes Aso Oke just
so I can watch her work and learn. Even though I was running errands a
lot, I still picked up all the lessons I could at every opportunity I

Then, I left to start my own business. This was a very difficult time
for me. I cried so much and almost committed suicide because I was
working so hard but there was no result. But just at that point, things
began to gradually turn around. I believe 100% in what the Bible says,
that the gift of man makes way for him. Breaking boundaries with Aso-Oke
is something I completely enjoy doing but I could have only gotten here
with God’s help.

I started from my room, then moved to a BQ and then here we are. I
was not in a hurry, I never borrowed money but I started small from
where I was. Today, I look at the outcome and I cannot believe what I

The reward of making brides and their families happy is more than
money though, It is the prayers I get from my happy clients. Because
I’ve been cursed so much, these prayers give me calm and joy in my soul.

Abimbola Ipaye of ‘Bimms’ Aso oke

Olusegun Obasanjo finally addresses viral claim that he sacrificed Stella to be successful as President

Olusegun Obasanjo sacrificed Stella

Olusegun Obasanjo sacrificed Stella

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo would have been
celebrating his wife, Stella Obasanjo’s 71st birthday now but she is
no more. The elegant First Lady was born on November 14, 1945
but died before her 60th birthday on October 23 2005.

She died in Spain where she went for a cosmetic
procedure that later had complications. The surgery was scheduled towards the
commemoration of her 60th birthday, which she had planned for and sent invites
out. In his autobiography, My Watch, which was released on December
8, 2015, the former President talked about his late spouse.

 “After the interment,
I decided to look into the circumstances of her death,” Mr. Obasanjo wrote on
page 240 of Volume two of the...


Sad story of how a Nigerian award-winning photojournalist Yinka Adeparusi was found dead

Nigerian award-winning photojournalist who works as an editor with,  Adeyinka Adeparusi, has been confirmed dead in an accident.  

It was confirmed that he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Abuja and died on the spot.

Yinka was last seen alive when he stepped out of his apartment at about
1.00 pm in Kugbo area of Abuja on Sunday, November 13, with a brief
‘I’ll be back’.

His body was discovered in a morgue in Abuja where he resided today,
Tuesday, September 15, 2016, hours after several news published articles
that he had gone missing.


That awkward moment when a Nigerian guy beat his wife to coma for investing family savings in MMM

Nigerian guy beat his wife to coma MMM

One housewife, identified as Mrs. Ogenyi, has been beaten to stupor by her
angry husband for allegedly investing the family’s saving in Mavrodi
Mondial Moneybox, otherwise known as MMM, Daily Post reports.  

Daily Post gathered that problem ensued between the couple, who resides
on Balogun Street, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos Sunday afternoon, after the
husband returned from a trip to his hometown in Benue and discovered
that the family saving box was missing.

On inquiry from his son, Oche, the father was informed that the mother went out with her friend around 4pm and had not returned.

The husband who works as a driver with one of the...

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