Let’s give you the full details of the Izien Aigbodion rape scandal (photos, tweets)

Aigbodion Izien in Shuga
This 27 year old guy pictured above, Izien Aigbodion, a presenter and fast rising actor known for his roles in Shuga, is presently the most hated Man on the Nigerian twittersphere after some ladies came out to reveal how he sets them up and rapes them. He coerces them into sending him their nudes and all sorts and then uses it against them.

The revelations started pouring in two days ago when a girl supposedly named Cleo with the handle – @QueenCleo_92 came online to him on blast.
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She claimed that he is a sexual predator who has for many years threatened lots of girls with silly things in exchange for sex.

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Several other ladies spoke out after her and right now, he is trending on twitter.

And then Izien released this statement:

After his statement, more accusations now poured in!

To further strengthen their claims, they dug out some of Izien’s old tweets on rape.

We will update you with more info as soon as we have them but right now Izien has hired some Lawyers to work on the case.

Tireni Adebayo

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    1. I tire o. You sent nudes,you went chilling at his hotel or his house …haba now why wont he rape you. Ladies, don't send men nudes. Don't let a man take pictures of you naked that isn't your husband.

    2. You must be very stupid. Just because a girl sends nudes to you and/or visits you at home does not give you the right to force yourself on her. haba now why wont he rape you." Silly comments like that is why victim blaming is still a problem in nigeria. Ode

  1. Do not send nudes to nobody.. all those guys that say I'm boring cos I don't sext, have you seen my point.. gwanu byeeee

  2. Ladies, please this bastard's ideologies is a total misrepresentation of the rest of us. Being a gentleman is not by face & how u dress. Stupid idiot

    1. My question is where are the girls from and how did they all get to know each other.
      Sha I hope ds Izien scenario will stop you girls from sending nudes to men.
      But yet…
      Aja to ma sonu, koni gbo fere Olode.

  3. From another point of view …What if this was just a get back from heart break … #Non-Judgemental .. one side of story ? .." You broke my heart and I will ruin your name " just saying

  4. Mehn! Am I ashamed of having met and studied with this guy or what? This is a complete case of mental disturbance in a Christmas package… Izien…

  5. The lady that started this whole gist is very stupid, not justifying his actions, but she is letting social media hype blind her from possible legal action. Does she have a single proof of these ladies accusations against this guy?? Does she have texts, can she prove this texts were actually sent by izien and not someone using izien as a catfish, do she have a video showing izien harassing these women for nudes or leaking nudes?? If all she has is 35 ladies told me this then all that is beer parlour gist (hearsay) and she has no right to tarnish his image, we live in a world of advanced technology that you can be certain you're talking to someone in the uk yet they're in ojuelegba so how's she sure izien is the one that harassed this women and not someone using his image to toast this ladies and get their nudes. This tweets don't speak well to iziens character but some may have been misconstrued and we all know people say shit on Twitter just to trend or ruffle feathers.

  6. Izien and I used to be friends back then in Redeemers university.. Upon all he prayers from Pastor EA Adeboye, he still chose to go this path, It's sad & disgusting if it's actually true.

    1. Can you just shutup and know the tru story before commenting like a fool with Akpu pounding in his brain. Its very wise that you dont be judgmental until you know what is going on. Never believe and trust a woman seeking attention!

  7. Hmmm…this is really shocking and worrisome. Whether what is being said is true or not, what I see here is that Izien needs help. Only God knows the real truth but the least we can do at this point is that if not for anything, for the fact that we all started this mission of running with the vision together, we have to intercede on behalf of Izien cos this is something that can not only destroy his career but also shatter his whole being. That part of his tweets of 2010/2011 is really hmmmm…. but God is always merciful. He may have had it rough in the past but truth is everyone has had a past sometime. No one should be quick to judge. At this point, he would probably learn to live better WITH CHRIST, but for now lets pray that God vinidicates him if its all lies, but if there appears to be a truth in all these, God should have mercy on him and give him a new path to lead in life… #GodsaveIzien…

  8. First things first… they all wanted to have sex with him… no denying that… these girls are loose and just angry because he probably wasn't interested in a relationship with them… he's just a "Jim Iyke" who isn't a good enough play boy. There are guys like him out there he's just unlucky to have met a big mouthed girl who probably wanted more from him and couldn't get it…so this is her own punishment the way ex girlfriends or lovers smash a guys car after he breaks her heart….

  9. Well I knew Izien back in my days at redeemer's uni and he has always been that broke guy who borrows high end clothes to look good at events and all. He's a fake guy and not sure he has had some sort of career since graduating in 2009. Some guys are just good at not setting their priority right

  10. So Izien borrowed high end clothes back then at RUN…did you see him borrow the clothes? And whats the correlation with the subject right now? How does that help the ladies?

  11. I normally don't write on social media but i decided too.. i've known Izien for some time now and i can say it boldly that is not that type of person.his not capable of rape or to be asking females for nudes pictures. When i saw this post i was shocked as the way people were already talking/reacting not knowing the real issue on ground. i cant blame anyone has the "rape issue"is a big thing. Personally if i saw such too i would be furious. if we look into this issue deeply i don't think someone like izien will have a problem to have a girl so i doubt he will be going round to be asking girls or threating girls for pic. I'm in no way supporting him or is deeds. i accept that he might have wronged so many girls, treated some people bad either in secondary school,uni, work, outside work etc and i deeply apologise on is behalf.Yes, he might be arrogant and he might not know how to relate to people in a nice way but i promise you that if you know him deep down he has a soft mind even though he tries to prove hard. if Izien has offended anyone either by words or action we apologise. his deeply sorry and i hope we can all look past this. may you all have a blessed night

  12. Hmm.. This might be true or not buy I doubt everything said about this guy is all a lie. I do not know him till today so I can't say too much.
    There are so many guys out there like this who prey on innocents and start to blackmail or scare them if they try to speak up.
    Ladies please let's be careful of what we give out or share on social media it can either make or break you.

  13. Enter your comment…I knw dat guy he cnt do such tin…. Dat girl is stupid tryin to ruin my cousins life… Watin u find go him house for the 1st place use less girl abi he force u fuck am nii..

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