How a kidnapped teenager was found tied up in the house of his mother’s friend (Photos)

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A woman has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a 13-year-old teenager who had been missing for three days, InsideMainland reports.

The boy was found with his mouth and hands tied in the woman’s apartment. Sources claim that the woman was a friend to the victim’s mother.

According to a resident: “the boy usually comes to the compound to assist her mother’s friend to fetch water and do other chores.

He is a friendly boy who goes about his activities with smiles all over his face. He was declared missing for three days and the case was reported at the Igbogbo Police Station and to the Onyabo vigilante group.” .
The suspect was arrested on Saturday morning when her neighbours overheard strange voices coming from her flat. They ran a check but found nothing. 
The voice, however, continued and a call was placed to the suspect who was away from the house at that point.
She, however, denied knowledge of the happenings in her flat. The neighbours informed the Police when some strangers were seen around her flat. 
The security team rushed to the scene and eventually found the boy with his hands and mouth tied in her flat.

You can’t play around with the word of God | Controversy trails Miss Bumbum contestants portraying Last Supper painting in their bikinis (Photos)

Brazil's Miss Bumbum beauty pageant has sparked controversy after they posed for a raunchy portrayal of iconic religious painting The Last Supper.

The photo shows eight hopefuls in the country's popular 'rear of the year' contest portraying Christ and his disciplines - with the 'sexiest' girl posing as Jesus.

Religious leaders branded the remake of the Da Vinci masterpiece "deeply disrespectful" and even Brazil's religious intolerance commission condemned the picture.

Even one of the women involved said she regretted posing for the shot and said she had "asked forgiveness from God for a great sin".

Daiana Fegueredo, representing the state of Ceara, was chosen to play Jesus in the photo as her bottom received the most number of phone votes, making her the frontrunner in the race for the coveted title.

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