Buhari’s kitchen comment! “Don’t mind all these women activists, they’re all hypocrites,” divorcee tells Alibaba

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A woman who is separated from her husband in 2005, due to peer influence. W is not in support of Aisha
Buhari’s interview, saying those supporting her should find a house for
her if her marriage fails.
As shared by Ali Baba…Read below 
A very successful businesswoman, with her hands in different pies, sent
this whatsapp message to me and today I received it from 3 people. One
guy who is married and 2 ladies. I know one of them is separated from
her husband and the other is a high court judge. The one that is
separated, added this, “Ali, don’t mind all these women activist ooo!
Hypocrite ni gbogbo won. 
The lady that caused the initial friction between my husband and I,
before other things now led to us living apart, she is still in her
husband’s house Oo! I left ******* in 2005, going over 10 years now. The
things that that woman fed my ears, and me ode, acted upon, is not up
to half what her husband has done.
 She made me believe that ******* was following one girl in Midas bank.
And I we both went to harass the lady at work. Ali, We heard she went to
Skin deep, at La Fayete Mall. We went to block her. It was crazy. Now
her own husband fathered 2 children, from 2 different ladies. She did
not leave Oo. Before I could know what was happening I decided to
revenge to spite my husband. 
That’s how it now my own ended. In the end Sef, my husband had nothing
to do with the girl. She was his godfather’s babe. Now that MRS Buhari
has talked anyhow, let all those praise singing her, find a house for
her ooo. Because, if Buhari is like some men I know, it is finished.
Greet your wife for me”
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  1. Enter your comment…Ali baba, pls. give us peace with this your new found love. why are working so hard to defend this statement? Things have really changed. I contribute more that 70% of my family expenses!!!. hubby has been out of job for more than 6 yrs.

  2. I have always said it, Stop listening to all these women whatsoever! Manage your own home as best as you can … only in severe DV that women are advised to separate, before they are killed.

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