Uju Stella where is Burna Boy’s baby? We need that baby!!

For months now, elebrities have been welcoming their bundle of joy sporadically but one baby we, however, couldn’t wait for was Burna Boy’s after Uju Stella accused the dancehall singer of impregnating her.

Although, the controversial star came out to deny the pregnancy, “I only slept with her once,” he said, Uju (Lekki’s hottest babe) insisted the baby was his.

But Uju was adamant. According to her, she was going ahead to become his baby mama.

Come rain, come sun, come snow, Uju Stella was determined to carry that baby to full term even going ahead to share a pregnancy test result with the world to confirm that what she had in her, was the real deal.

But four months down the line a miracle has occurred. Uju Stella’s pregnancy appears to have gone with the wind. 

There are no physical manifestations of the baby’s growth; no swelling, no baby bumps, no social media updates on the ‘progress’ of the child. Nothing. To our dismay, Stella’s stomach is still miraculously flat.
Uju Stella promised us a baby sired by singer, Burna Boy and now it doesn’t seem like we would be getting it.

She dragged Burna Boy’s mother on Instagram and also played on the media’s love for sensationalism and drama to score a PR victory, and drag Burna Boy’s image on social media. 

How about the sympathetic outpour of messages on her Instagram? And her ability to generate heated conversations?

Just when were all ready to break the news of a new celebrity baby, Uju Stella goes ahead to break our heart.

There will be no drama extension, no celebration of a new child, and no further sensationalist saga. She has achieved her aim, and has gone quiet, living her life of pretty photo sessions and endless trips to fun places.
A quick visit to her Instagram page, will show photos and videos of her without a baby bump. The protruding stomach is gone, so also is her public affiliation with Burna Boy.

Uju Stella where is Burna Boy’s baby? We need that baby.


Joke Silva @ 55: Fifteen things you need to know about the veteran actress


Nollywood veteran thespian, Joke Silva is celebrating her birthday today and she posted a beautiful picture of herself on her Instagram page, alongside a simple message to celebrate the day.

“Grateful to God for another year. Thanks everyone for your beautiful messages/prayers and happy birthday to all my birthday mates. God bless you. #Birthday”- She wrote.

 Here are 15 things you need to know the movie legend.

The passionate actress, Joke Silva was born 29 September 1961.

Silva was born in Lagos, into a family of four children.

She attended Holy Child College in Lagos.

A graduate of the University of Lagos and Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

 At the university she was part of a cultural group which included Bode Osanyin, Stella Monye and others.

She began a career in film in the early 1990s.

In 1998 she...

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