Pastors are Yahoo boys in Pentescostal suits – OAP Freeze wants Christians to stop paying tithes to their “glamorous churches”

Cool FM’s Freeze is used to ruffling feathers!
And his latest comments are bound to upset Christians who view paying
tithe to the church as one of the fundamentals of their faith.

It’s no secret that many of today’s church leaders use the tithe
collected from parishioners to fund their lavish lifestyles…private
jets, designer bags, holidays, luxury cars are just some of the
trappings of being a successful man of God in this day and age.

But Freeze doesn’t believe in paying tithe…either that or he’s
trolling his followers. Yesterday the popular OAP advised his Twitter
followers to stop tithing to the church and  those he called, “yahoo
boys in Pentecostal suits” and rather give their hard earned money to
the poor and the sick.


DAILY POST extolled as Nigeria Rebirth bestows award on medium

Another feather has been added to the cap of one of the leading Nigerian Newspapers, DAILY POST, as
it received an award of “Custodian of the Nigerian Dream” from the
Nigeria Rebirth National Project for the medium’s investigative style of
reporting, objectivity and balanced reportage.

National Coordinator of the group, Isaac Balami, who led top management
team of the Nigeria Rebirth National Project to the Abuja office of
DAILY POST, for the award presentation, noted that the medium is indeed
“the most read online newspaper.”
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