Only God could have done this! I saw myself on my bed with a goat beside me

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God is the Same yesterday and today and tomorrow and forever.
As HE did it in the ancient times, HE did it for me too.
God, through ages, has been using dreams to speak- to warn one or reveal great happenings around one.
I thank God HE gave me a dream and made me to remember it when I woke up.
If not, l would have been consumed by its effect on my life.
I had an evil projected into me while in a sleep. I got up from that morning to see things turning against me.
who loved me before just changed in their attitudes towards me. In
place of love and high regards they had for me , l was no longer  the
same person to them.
I began to experience hatred, dejection and bad luck.
where l turned to, from family circle to office environment and
anywhere, l was being looked down upon. I put up spirited efforts to be
more accommodating, yet l was left  in the cold. I became almost an
anathema to people.
I pray you don’t experience such.
Things were no longer working for me.
I thank God, I ran to the Lord Jesus.
Or who else could l have run to?
knew l might not be able to battle it all alone praying the issue out
all alone. So I joined believers in a camp meeting, cried out my heart
out both day and night and fasted to go with my prayers
At least the presence of others too, settling issues of their lives with God, encouraged me through out  the program.
God is faithful. HE honored my going out to seek HIM. HE rose up for me.
As the problem came through a  dream, so also deliverance was given or shown through dream.
saw myself on my bed with a goat beside me, whether it came from my
inside or just just there l could not remember. But all of the sudden ,
the goat got up and left my side .
I told my people  who proclaimed that victory had been won.
And seriously, that was the last day of evil riddance in my life.
My life was brought back from the cage of the enemy. Things lost were restored. Now, l have joy and great peace.
Praise the Lord

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Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani Blog. When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Email: [email protected]

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