Only God could have done this! He put a smile on my face

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  Kemi Happy New month, this new ember period will be good for you and all your blog readers in Jesus name.  Please I hope you deem it fit to post my testimony.

 God is  good
Join me to sing this Yoruba song if u know it.
     Sibe Oluwa dara
      Bo ti wu ko ri o
       Ibanuje aye le po lapoju
       Sibe Oluwa dara
KFB, please allow me to interpret this.
        Nevertheless, God is good
         No matter the situation
          Sorrows may be beyond count
           Nevertheless, God is  good
God is indeed awesome and faithful.
The whole journey started in October 20th, 2011.
All hopes were lost about my gaining admission to the university that year.
However, the Lord moved in.
I was admitted that same year at the university to study Agricultural Engineering – a 5year course.
Life is full of battles or hurdles.  Another  hurdle to jump over appeared.
Things were not that good financially for the family.
The joy of gaining admission to further my education was almost dimmed but God came in and made provisions.
One step at a time!
In my 200Level, another problem came up. I needed a laptop badly for two reasons.
One was to reduce some of my expenses in print out /soft copy. 

The other reason was that we had a course that required the use of laptop for AutoCAD learning.
But there was no PC ( personal Computer). No one could afford to get one for me at that time.
to the glory of the Lord God Almighty,Who always makes way where there
is no way, he made a scholarship come my way. It was from an oil company
in my 200Level session. It’s monetary.
With this, l paid my  tithes and got myself a brand new system.

 Also at this 200Level, l began to have challenges academically. I was
not getting the best from my lectures.I had the worst results (3.8 &
3.67) in my first and second semesters.
  I cried to God, telling
HIM I did not want to come out bad or average HE should reorder
everything ‘ me’ because HE, God has the ability to do that!
Truly, I found my feet in 300Level and since then till I graduated, I was making a Dean list.
All to the glory of God  who answers prayers!
people I told about my final result, out of their love for me wondered
why I could not make the first class. They did not understand that the
feat l had in graduating with a 4.42 was made possible by God.

I knew
it could only be God Who had taken me thus far and I have the assurance he will continue with me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
This is because HE saw me through each stormy sea especially that of the 200Level.
God raised me up from the dunghill of mediocrity and placed my feet on the Solid Rock.
HE could bring something better out of the little push l made, HE can
bring the best out of my little achievement. I give it to HIM.
Only God could have done this! The beggar was an Angel in disguise...

Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani Blog. When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Email: [email protected]


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