Nigerians on twitter react to Patience Jonathan’s $31M ‘medical bills’

Patience Jonathan has told the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) that the $31.4 million found in five Skye bank accounts linked to her is meant for her medical bills and other expenses.

Mrs Jonathan further urged EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu and the bank to lift the restrictions placed on the account.

Nigerians have reacted to the former first lady’s comments via social media. 

Read Twitter reactions below:

Patience Jonathan claims $31.4M is for her Medicals? Press ur calculator; $31,400,000×320= N10,048,000,000.
Is she planning to heal d world?

So, Patience Jonathan has been indicted, now I see why the husband went to meet Babangida and Abdulsalam. EFCC should keep it up!

Patience Jonathan must be prosecuted effective immediately

So. Patience Jonathan says the monies (in accounts that weren’t in her name, by the way) were/are for medical bills.


How people can be so brazen, callous and unshaken is what I’ll never understand. Milking your country and watching it Rotten and decay. Sigh

Patience Jonathan says over $30m found in her account is for med treatment. My people fear of God is a myth in Nigeria. We’ve been destroyed

When you look at the numbers, it is difficult to keep calm.
Patience Jonathan

Patience Jonathan said the $15m (6bn) in her Accounts are for Medical bills

Is this woman normal at all?

Does she have AIDS? ???


Patience Jonathan & her Dollar accounts.

See the breakdown of the dizzying figures.

God have mercy.

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OAP Freeze thinks Goodluck Jonathan’s alleged corrupt government is better that Buhari’s ‘Famine’

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Average Nigerians are lamenting over the tough economic state of the country and some are even opting for suicide, with this, OAP Freeze thinks Goodluck Jonathan's alleged corrupt government is better that what the present government is offering.

He shared his thought thus: "I thought corruption was the worst thing a nation can endure, until I saw the suffering and poverty my people are going through. A month ago, a keg of vegetable oil was N4,200, one week later it rose to N4,800. Yesterday I sent my maid to the market with 5k and she returned home empty handed, oil is now N5,500. 
If you see the small ram we killed for ileya, it was nothing compared to the humongous one we ate during the 'corrupt' regime."
"I know...
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