20 things you should know about Pastor E.A Adeboye and Folu’s marriage of 49 years…

Adeboye converts funke to christian

The love story of Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of RCCG
popularly known as Daddy GO and his darling wife Pst. Mrs Folu Adeboye
is one that would go down in history as one of the most romantic love
stories ever. Daddy GO has not only proved that having God at the centre
of your life is key but he has also proved that real men still exist.

As they celebrate the faithfulness of God on their 49th anniversary
this year. Here are 20 things you would never believe Daddy GO does:

• Adeboye married twice surprise face hahaha…not what you’re
thinking. He had a traditional marriage first then a white wedding in
church about two years after.

• Adeboye couldn’t afford a ring then but he promised his wife that
she will never lack anything and has since kept this promise.

• When Adeboye could finally afford a ring, he refused to buy or wear
one. He also mandated his last son, Leke Adeboye, to do same.

• Adeboye wouldn’t eat food or drink anywhere his wife doesn’t approve first.

• Adeboye prefers his meals freshly cooked daily.

• Adeboye expects his wife to fast with him when he is fasting. (We guess this saves on food expenses lol)

• Adeboye eats dinner between 4-5pm and that’s it for the day.

• Adeboye sometimes goes into the kitchen to give moral support and
taste the food. He also advices on which food needs more seasoning or

• At least 3 times every year, Adeboye leaves his whole family for
about 5 days, no phone calls, no sex, no distractions, even his wife is
not allowed around him. (we all know whose face he goes to seek)

• Adeboye used to be very fat, his weight was so disturbing that his wife begged him to do something about it.

• Adeboye started making efforts toward reducing his weight by
totally avoiding fizzy drinks and alcohol. Now, he only drinks water,
fresh fruit juice and teas.

• Adeboye would never leave Nigeria and is never more than a 2-hours’
drive or flight away from his wife on the month of her birthday. This
is one of the promises he made to her when they got married.

• Adeboye still gives monthly household expenses fees to his wife
till date. This even increases year by year as inflation goes up

• Adeboye also gives his wife monthly self-maintenance allowance (Don’t you want you some Adeboye?)

• When he is at home, Adeboye kisses his wife every morning and prays for her even before coming out to see anyone else.

• Adeboye always buys marching watches, suit cases. Everything he
needs to get, he always makes sure to get her own version of it.

• Adeboye always puts his wife first before his children. Besides they will and have all left home anyways.

• Adeboye has never stopped appreciating his wife for her sacrifice
over the years and putting her dreams on hold so he could become who he
is today hence he never leaves her behind in anything and everything he

WOW! I bet you weren’t ready for these!!!


Ejection Drama: Pastor Paul Enenche’s Family Speaks

Just got this mail, please read!

Information of news on social media, blogs and other platforms
reached us accusing the Family of the late Rev. Sammoses Odiba Enenche
who has just been laid to rest barely seven days ago of ejecting his
widowed wife from a rented apartment in a certain area in Abuja which
she lived with her late husband before his sudden demise.

family of our late brother Rev. Sammoses Odiba Enenche who we are still
grieving and mourning received this news with great shock and initially
decided to pay deaf ears to it as we believe that mourning time is a
period for reflection on our own lives while we are still on earth.
much consideration, we deem it...


A Governor in Nigeria will soon go Mad – Nigerian Pastor

We have seen many prophecies by most pastors come to past in Nigeria and
we have also seen many that didn't.
A prominent man of God, Pastor Emma
Chris Ifeanyi has sent his new prophecies for Nigeria and for the
world. The pastor predicted that soon one of the state governors will go
mad. He also said that he saw affliction befalling the present Imo
state governor Rochas Okorocha.

These are the other prophecies of the cleric:

1. Arthur Eze will die, there will be a bit of Ebola disease in Nigeria.

2. A train in India will have a fault that may lead to disaster.

3. There will be a little progress in Nigeria because of the saints.

4.Nigerian will be deported from Denmark.

5. There will be fire...


Husband means master, woman wasn’t in God’s original plan – Christ Oyakhilome

Image result for oyakhilome
Head Pastor of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome posted this message on his Facebook page hours ago. The message is for married women and those intending to get married, enjoy!

Who is a HUSBAND and what is His Role?
Husband does not mean the male partner in a marriage, husband means master.

The reason for most problems in Christian marriages is the fact that
women refute God’s definition of marriage and form theirs. They believe
they are equal partners.
If most women had their fathers bold
enough to talk to them, they will be very successful in their marriage
and they will be very happy people. Most women have never been taught by
their parents, their fathers particularly and that’s...

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