Only God could have done this! My first, second and third child died after birth

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Hey Kemi, thanks for the giveway you did last weekend, God bless you richly. Yes, oh. Only God could have helped me after HE had saved me.
I was a
church goer but was always pleasing myself indulging in the pleasures
of life. The church l was attending then did not draw me well into the
faith in Jesus Christ. My knowledge of Christ was shallow. Going to
church then was like going to mark attendance.
I still went to spiritualists and what have you to seek for security and easy way to live life.
I got married  and had my first child immediately. But he died in his first month.
The second came and went like the first.
I was still chasing the shadows. Running to those who could not help !
However, when the third came,he seemed to want to stay . He too , after  some months died.
Then , my mother came in. Thank God for some mothers. God used her for me.
had been warning me of how l was living my life.and had been telling me
to come and surrender my life totally to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Before that time, l saw no reason in being born again- giving one’s life completely to Jesus without ‘peeping ‘ outside.
Then it seemed life could not be lived while depending on Jesus alone.
Three deaths of three sons made me more than dejected. I was almost losing my mind.
Or was it someone ‘ doing ‘ me. African notion !
My mother sat me down  saying l was wasting my life, energy and opportunities.
She came with the saving grace story in Christ.
I could not but gave in to Jesus. I wept asking HIM to help me and take over everything about me.
Jesus took the curses and the yokes on me away. HE saved me and replaced the ‘ old’ me with a new and fruitful ‘ me’.
I am a happy mother of children that not only lived but are doing well.
I thank God for  the privilege of knowing and accepting His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.
would l have been? Running round and round looking for solution where
there was none and would have also cost me a lot of things.
All the glory to the Lord God Almighty, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ  forever and ever. AMEN.

Only God could have done this! He gave me rest over what I could not control

Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani Blog. When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Email: [email protected]


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