Be Inspired! Let’s tell you about the award winning female shoe maker, who is now creating employment opportunites for other Nigerian youths (photos)


Michelle Ekure
It’s no news that Nigeria has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the world and this is majorly blamed on the Nigerian government for not providing enough job opportunities for its citizens.
However, some smart youths are not waiting on the government to provide them jobs, neither are they waiting on a who-knows-who to connect them with job opportunitiesThey are thinking out of the box and making money with their skills.
One of such people who have gone out of their ways to create employment opportunities for themselves and consequently for others, is Michelle Ekure.


Some of Michelle’s products

Michelle studied International Law and diplomacy in the University of Benin Edo state, but after years of job hunting and working for someone who does not pay his workers, she decided to make take her fate in her own hands. She learnt the art of shoe making, and now has six people working under her.


“My inspiration is from God, I never knew I would be a shoemaker. I
graduated from the University six years ago, after which I looked for
for job, but to know avail,” she said in an interview with Lukmon of
Wazobia Global Times USA.

sometimes I got employed by a company in Lagos, but the boss was owing
too much so I left. On how it started, there is this other company I buy
sandals in Lagos and resell. They sell nice shoes, so one day I thought
to myself that I can tell this people to make sandals for me with my
label, so I approached them and they said yes. That was how I got my
first set of shoes. Then a friend introduced me to a guy that makes
shoes. I watch him make shoes one day and I was amazed then I asked him
to teach me and he did.”


Michele’s makes around 50 pairs of shoes a week has this advice for young ladies still looking for jobs:

“I always tell people I come in contact with that are looking for job to
start something, anything you are good at can bring money to you or
just learn a trade. 



A pair of shoes made by Michelle


Another of Michelle’s products

That’s not all, earlier this month, Michelle organised a free training session for those interested in the shoe making business.



Michelle and her students
And then the best part, very recently, an online US
store contacted Michelle and expressed their eagerness to put up her
products on their website for sales at very good rates.
Also, last night, Michelle won her first award and posted it on her Facebook page saying:
“About last night, this is my first award from delta state heritage. I want thank God for all he has done me, i am so grateful. thank you guys i love you all.”


Remember, just like Michelle you don’t have to wait for things to happen, you can make them happen. You are the captain of your boat, you are the master of your fate.


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