Dear KFBers, can you date a guy that earns just 200k a month? | See twitter reactions

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So early this morning, a discussion broke out on twitter. A discussion of how much an average Nigerian guy needs to start a family in Nigeria and someone mentioned N200, 000. Interestingly, some ladies reacted by saying N200k is too small and that it should be more than and then an argument broke out.

But really, is 200k too small for a guy to start a family in Nigeria?

See some tweet reactions

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  1. The gilrs should also research into the danger of dating an armed robber, ritualist, 419, Yahoo Yahoo boys, crocked politician etc.
    Look before you leap.
    Not all that glitters that is gold.

  2. 200k???Like seriously?? What's wrong with this generation of ours??? What's an average Nigerians salary? I bet most of the people tweeting do not even have boyfriends.

    I'd conveniently date a guy who earns 200k. We'd at least start from somewhere and 200k to me is a good start!

  3. 200k is not so bad

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