The Life of Sophia Momodu: All the Juicy Details About Her Relationship With Imade, Rich Boyfriend and more!

Not much was known about Sophia Momodu until news surfaced on social
media that she and her uncle, Dele Momodu, successfully stopped Davido
and his family from taking Imade to Dubai.

Next, social media was awash
with the nasty details of a tattered relationship between the two
families, and Davido published hospital reports, just about anything to
brand the young mum a bad mother. He blamed Sophia for their daughter’s
ill health, and claimed that was the reason his family snatched
the months-old baby off the mother’s hands.

However, many months has passed and the families seem to have
resolved their differences. Weeks ago, Davido refuted claims that he
‘bounced’ Sophia from the special birthday bash he threw for their

“She [has] full custody of our daughter, biko!” Davido slammed the reports, adding. “No one was bounced.”

The two adults are now dedicated to raising their daughter, while living their own, away from each other.

While Davido balls all day in every city he jets out to — a lifestyle
that includes intense clubbing, drinking and mingling with his gang,
not much is known about Sophia Momodu’s life.

How does she live? How has being a mother affected her life, especially being a single parent?

Olisa took a trip to Sophia’s Snapchat and OH MY GOD, the young mum is super lively. She laughs, she lives and she loves, deeply.

Having watched her over a period of time, we were able to come to
this conclusion: Imade owns Sophia’s day, but the young mum flourishes
and lives it up at night.

Yesterday, the dynamic duo went for a medical checkup and Sophia documented the whole experience.

And so, here’s how Sophia’s day went, which we are telling in pictures:

  1. It was a fun day for the best friends

2. And later came the dreaded hospital visit

3. There was the heart-melting scene where the mum tried to make getting shots less traumatic for the baby. 

4. Afterwards, both mum and daughter were happy as they said bye to the doctor

5. Much later, Sophia facetimed with a boyfriend, and she snapchatted the nasty things she told him lol.

6. The couple hooked up later, and it turns out he is one rich dude, as can be told from his diamond-encrusted watch

7. She shared blurry sneak peak of what he looks like without giving him away; he is young!

At 3.46am, she ended her snap story. Now, we can’t wait to see how eventful today will be.

Meanwhile, Davido revealed he jetted off to Paris, and immediately after he checked into a hotel, he shared this:

Aren’t they the most interesting celebrity parents?

Source: Olisa


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