Unemployed female PHD student takes to the streets of Port Harcourt to beg for job (photos)

Sandwich board job plea guy lands dream job
Samuel dix

Recall that in 2015, a desperate job seeker got his dream job after standing at a train station with cardboard sign pleading for work! 

Well, a Nigerian has followed the trail.
 26 year old PHD student has made headlines for begging on the streets
of Port Harcourt for a teaching, lecturing or counseling job.

Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. I've had this discussion with a friend, work experience is very important. I'd rather hire an ond holder with 6 years of the job specifications experience than a PhD holder with no work experience. All the PhD are cram and pass with little or no research. I'm not judging her situation because I believe she has her reasons. With her qualifications she can get a scholarship overseas eassssyyyy. Canada dey beg for people like her.

    1. Look at all the mofos above me pretending as if they don't know watsup in this useless nation! Even from her diction and writings, you will no that these girl is a pot of Gold but just lacks a proper job because of the usual "WHO DO YOU KNOW SYNDROME" we have been suffering in this bastardized nation! Nonsense!

      Really wish I could help you dear.

  2. PHD at 26? If that's true she's gold in any university this her advert looks shakey.

    If you have money to do masters and PHD you are bold enough to start a business of your old and there are few PHD holders at 26 the is more to her story for now i am not buying this story.

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