Glowing actress Bukky Wright reveals her beauty secrets!

Fashionable actress Bukky Wright has revealed that her closet is a ‘working
Read excerpts from her chat with Kemi Ashefon.

“Mine is not the normal wardrobe because it’s built
wall-to-wall and I have different sections for clothes, bags, jewellery and
shoes. There is no colour of shoes
that I don’t have. Unfortunately, I sell shoes, so I end up keeping every
colour for myself and I keep acquiring more. Though I give out a lot of these
shoes, I must have almost a thousand pairs for myself. I see everything I buy with my money
as a treasure in my closet. I can’t really say a particular item or accessory
is a treasure because I like everything that is of quality. It could fall dead
for a big bag anyday.  Good bags are
treasures, so are good jewellery.  Good
shoes are a treasure, so are good native attire. As long as it’s good, it is OK
for me.”

What inspires how she
“The occasion determines what I wear. Moreover, my mood is also a determinant. The worth
of what I wear at a particular time?  I
can’t say everything worn at a particular event is worth any amount of money because
the end result is what gives me the kick. I can buy jewellery worth millions of
naira but if I don’t look good in it, then it is senseless wearing it. I don’t
look at the money, I prefer how it fits. That’s why I create my own fashion;
wear what suits me and what makes me look great. Evening dresses? I wear them
for very formal occasions and I don’t have any particular designer. I hate
wearing common items or cheap things but I go for what befits my look.”
Looking ageless, the mother of two reveals her
beauty secrets:

 “I work-out
daily. Though I also play tennis, I am a stickler for vegetables. I eat lots of
fruits and I produce my fresh juice every morning in my kitchen. I am not a
fussy eater—my breakfast is pap/akara or sandwiches, no lunch and very light
dinner—I rarely eat after 7.00pm.”

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