A Movie Review: Comedian AY’s Fusion is a waste of time..from the terrible acting to the unrealistic story line!

Today, the movie for review is  Fusion. It is largely two steps backward for Nollywood. Especially for
Nollywood at the cinemas, this day and age. Sub standard movie making,
ridiculous scripting, terrible story telling, rubbish acting and a lack
of logic, ultimately make ‘Fusion’ a movie that should only be seen at
the cinemas on that rare occasion you find yourself “excruciatingly
bored to death” and realize you’ve seen every other movie showing at the

As much as I would like to say a few good words for ‘Fusion’, there’s
just too little good here worthy of praise. As I said before, there are
times when you will actually find yourself laughing out loud, but even
those are too few and too far between, to salvage the story-telling
wreck of a flick, that ‘Fusion’ is. 

So much so, that whilst seeing
‘Fusion’ earlier today, I literally felt sharp aches in my head
intermittently as I struggled to get to the finish line. It’s been a
long time I was so happy to see ‘Cast’ as the credits began rolling.

As in, the acting was so bad that Ayo Makun was by far the best actor on display! Can you imagine that? All the other actors, including solid performers like Victor Olaotan and Iretiola Doyle, were
just not on top of their game in ‘Fusion’. It was so disappointing.
Especially because, I really have come to expect so much more from
Nollywood. If you doubt me, then make sure to check out the trailer
below and see just how crappy that is, compared to the quality of other
recent trailers out of Nollywood.

Not recommended. I suggest you save your money and avoid this if you can. It’s not worth being seen at premium.

Synopsis: Three
couples return home to begin their life together and are surprised to
find out that living together comes with unique pros and cons which
their period of courtship did not prepare them for.

Movie review by Cinema Pointer 
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