‘They Don’t Care About What You Achieve. All That Matters is Marriage!’ – Toke Makinwa Calls Out Critics

Toke Makinwa has never been one to exchange words with her fans on
Instagram, but the actress seems to have devised a means to respond to
all the criticisms she gets: Twitter.

Yesterday, the media personality took to the social media platform to
address the marriage question flung her way every time by fans who feel
she belongs in a man’s home, especially the home of her estranged
husband, Maje Ayida.

“They don’t care if you found the cure to a deadly disease, if you
have 4 degrees, if you are saved spiritually,” she tweeted yesterday,
adding, “All that matters is marriage.”

Recently, Makinwa clarified her status through a series of posts
where she maintained that she is now single. The 31-year-old’s marriage
to trainer Maje Ayida crumbled last year after he cheated on her and also put his mistress in the family way. Before now, there were speculations that she had made peace with Ayida, but the OAP set the records straight in early March.

Now she is firing back at her critics who always barrage her with the
marriage question. “Love what you do, love your life. Be thankful
always,” she said, and then gave thanks. “Thank you lord for answering
every single prayer I have uttered of late. It’s like film trick! Truly
you are GOD.”

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