Popular Vlogger Akah Bants speaks on the Linda Ikeji versus Wizkid saga…mocks Davido!

You all should follow this guy :)…I have been keeping up with Vlogs since when he countered an issue raised by fellow Vlogger, Toke Makinwa months ago. In his Vlogs, ‘Akah Bant’,  he talks about real issue with some humour.
On this episode he talks on the Linda Ikeji/Wizkid beef that happened earlier in the week.

“I’m thinking to myself,
when did it become OK for men to go after women in public using such
derogatory words and threatening to physically assault them without any
repercussion. Whether or not Linda Ikeji was wrong to have blogged about
Wizkid’s personal situation, Wizkid’s outburst is one that I thought
lacked the tact of a celebrity of his stature. And speaking of
celebrity, I thought celebrity stood for something. 
And not just that, I
thought the brands who endorse celebrities, did so because they stand
for something. 
On the video Davido did with Wizkid against Linda, he said 

This video irritated me, I almost puked. Davido was wearing a jacket with a confederation flag….it is either of two things, he doesn’t know what it is or he does but just doesn’t care. And if he doesn’t know what it means then is stinks of ignorance and you are an illiterate and you have a team of professionals around you that know no jack shit!. 

 Why would you put a confederate flag on you sleeve, you are insulting my ancestors, the black race……plus you kept saying we making money in the video…I can never hear what he says until he sings cos his voice is just not existing. 

Everything is not about money, we know you are making money but calm down…really! Your money can not feed a Nation…Wizkid I expected so much from you…you are older than Davido….and you have been in the industry than Davido, you should have learnt humility from Banky W. 

You are taking shots at Linda cos you started driving a porsche at 25, Nigga, this woman bought a house on banana Island as a WOMAN…you are a MAN bro…and then why did you have to drag her mum into this….and then you are saying you would encourage your 16 year old cousin to beat up Linda Ikeji… and let him know that they do not stand for can not be an ambassador for global respectable brands and be calling out a woman and using the f-word on her….children are following you on instagram and they are seeing these things…

You can watch the video below:

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