“People Think I Use Charm To Perform Miracles” – CAC Ago Adura Founder, Prophet T.A. Jegede Reveals The Secret Of His 25 Years In Service

Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede is the Pastor-Founder of Christ Apostolic
Church, Ago Adura Nla Ti Gbogbo Eniyan with its Headquarter at Power
line Area of Ile-Epo, Oke Odo Area of Lagos.

He started his spiritual calling at Christ Apostolic Church,
Agbala-Itura under the tutelage of Pastor Samuel Kayode Abiara in 1984.
Prophet Jegede was the first choir master of CAC, Agbala Itura before he
was called out in 1991 to start his own ministry after horning his gift
of Prophecy at Agbala-Itura.

Baba Ago has suffered many
persecutions and criticism in his over two decades of service to God and
mankind. Couple of years back, the late mystery program presenter, Kola
Olawuyi had alleged through his popular program “Nkan Nbe” that the man
of God used charms to accumulate some properties from their owners in
Ile-Epo area of Oke-Odo among many other allegations. At another time,
another young man alleged that Baba Ago and his spiritual father,
Prophet SK Abiara were engaging him to get fresh human heads for them
for ritual purposes.

Well, the man of God who rarely
grants press interviews for the first time opened up on many of the
allegations that nearly ruined his ministry and how he stood his ground
to build AGO ADURA in 25 Years. Enjoy the excerpts from his City People interview:

How did you get the call to start Ago Adura Nla ti Gbogbo Eniyan?

If we are talking about God’s work, there is various type of calling.
We have those God call into the prophetic ministry. You can call them
prophets. We have those who are called into the evangelism ministry, we
call them evangelists and there are those who are church shepherds. But
let’s say it is of two dimensions, those who are called into the
prophetic ministry will not need to go before anybody to establish their
own ministry. In fact, we have prophets who don’t go to church at all,
but if God gives direction, he or she honors. Some are in the church, he
might not be a pastor or church warding but he will just be in the
church and the spirit of God will begin to work in him.  He will direct
prayers, preach and nobody will teach him but the Holy Spirit. That is
my kind of calling, I didn’t have to go to any Bible School or learn the
work from a man; of course, I was born into a Christian family and I
loved music. I used to be a good singer and instrumentalist and I will
use my songs to minister the word of God through the Holy Bible.

I will
preach the word through my music ministration. My songs were much of
prophetic declarations at the time that was in 1984 when I started in
CAC, Agbala Itura. We started Agbala Itura at the arrival of Baba Abiara
in Lagos. I was the first person to organize the choir at the time
because there was no building on that land at the time; the entire
environment was still barren. Then, we used to sit on blocks to conduct
service and Baba Abiara insisted that we must have a choir no matter how
small the church is.  That was how I set up a ten member choir group
and we were the first set of choristers at Agbala Itura. So, I organized
the choir and we started singing. Nobody made me the choirmaster but
when the church saw how I directed the affairs of the choir, they
decided to allow me continue as the choir master and that was how I got
the inspiration and graduated into a Bible teacher. I equally
interpreted dreams for them and I grew to the stage when my choir
members didn’t want to see any other pastor than me.

If I finish my
music ministration, they will line up to see me one by one and I will
give them spiritual directions on what to do. That was how God
established my gift at CAC, Agbala Itura. In year 1990, November
precisely, God asked me to leave the church. In fact, before I left,
there was already a state of envy and jealousy for my talent. Some
leaders were so threatened, if I start to speak in tongues in the choir,
people will just be threatened and you will see them peeping from the
window that ‘Ah, is this man trying to establish his own church?’

So, how did you escape the steam of envy in the church?

Yes, at that period of my life I was still a neophyte to the strict
things of the spirit but I noticed the spirit directed me to move out of
the place. I didn’t know where to go because I was just a singer and a
drummer. So, I never taught of ever being a shepherd.  In fact my first
album was “Baba Mimo O Se” and I was about doing the second album when
that spirit asked me to leave, that I should go and be praying. That was
December 1990, I stopped going to any church. In fact I was in-door for
months because I couldn’t just comprehend where next to go. So, that
was how I left Agbala-Itura.

Having heard the instruction to leave the church, were
there other things God did to show you that He really needed you to work
in His vineyard.

What I just know at the time was that I was very familiar with the
Bible and the teachings of God’s words. I didn’t know how I developed
that but it got to a point I started preaching inside Molue (Public
transport vehicle), then when it was a year to the calling, God asked me
to start a fasting session, that was few months before I left Agbala
Itura. The funny thing was that I was always going to work despite the
divine instruction to start fasting. I used to ride my motorcycle to
work in Lagos Island and it got to a point, they stole the motor cycle
when I didn’t want to preach as God directed.

So, I started traveling by
Molue, you can imagine a shy person like me, God asked me to stand up
and start preaching inside the Molue. But I had to honor His voice, I
stood up and first read Psalm 1 up to Psalm 3, I read it off hand. Then I
started preaching and to my surprise, everyone became quite, listening
to my sermon. I was fasting and praying daily. God said I should
continue the fasting and I did till the year ran out. In 1990, when I
moved out (From Agbala-Itura) I started receiving different prophecies
that I will change my church, I will change my rented apartment and many
other things. But I didn’t reveal such to anybody, even, I didn’t
attend the mountain.

I was just the only one receiving the message, even
Baba Abiara was not aware. Nobody knew, it was only my choir people
that started noticing my changed appearance. Later, my boss who is an
expatriate became afraid, he said my face had changed but I assured him
there was no problem.

Were you forced out of Agbala Itura?

Never, I wasn’t forced out, yes my gift of prophecy bothered some
people but I had no fight with anybody. I was instructed to move and I
moved forward. In fact, there was no rancor; I left on my own volition.
If I call Baba Abiara today, he will be here. He even calls to say “My
son, how are you doing” and I will say “Daddy, I am fine”.

So, there was
no rancor at all, I left and I told my chorister team, I said ‘where I
am going, you don’t know the place, please, don’t leave here. Continue
singing here in Agbala Itura’ and that was how I left and started living
at No 17, Oduroye at the time. In 1991, God said I should change that
particular house. He said I should leave the apartment quickly and He
gave me signs. So, I took a new apartment at Yaro’s house here in
Ile-Epo; that was January 1991. But God instructed me again to start
praying that I want to release an album.

So, I started praying for a new
album and I titled the album Freedom that God should raise me helpers
that will establish me. Then, I suddenly saw ten people I have taught
instruments in the past. Those ones like to move around with me, they
said they had no where to go than to follow my music ministry. After
church, they will always be with me, we started praying and I will
organize vigils from 12am to 3am and it was during those vigils that God
said to me “I am sending you to the entire world, not by releasing
albums alone” and that was where those who were following me started
leaving one by one because they were expecting me to establish a band
and they can all benefit from the tripping.

But I told them ‘Sorry, this
is what God wants me to do for Him and I cannot deny my maker’. I was
still going to my secular job all those period. I finally started my
ministry on Good Friday of year 1991. I told my followers, I said “God
said you should all bring your wives and start sitting here that I may
be blessing your families”. And they obeyed and God added that ‘Since
they are now under your anointing, they should not go anywhere any
longer; you, just begin a church for me’ but I was still shy. I said
‘No, I cannot call it a church, it is a meeting’ I was naïve.

So, we
started it all in my sitting room and behold, every other things started
adding up. People started bringing friends and relatives and they will
say “Sir, we want to see Pastor Jegede” and I will scold them “Look, I
am not Pastor o” and God ministered to me, He said ‘Stop de-robbing
yourself, stop saying you are not a Pastor’.  I will go to work and on
my return from work, legion of people will be waiting to see me for
spiritual consultation.

I was working at Idumota, Lagos Island but I
will still return home and start consulting for people. One will say
‘oh, I have this dream’ and I will interpret the dream and tell him what
to go do and he will get a smart divine solution and that made them to
bring in more and more people and that was how the church started and by
August 1992, I officially decided to start the church and because of
his compassion for me and the way I work, my boss the expatriate,
noticed my calling and he quickly offered me a place in his factory but I
rejected. I said ‘I can only stay where God ask me to say’ because he
was so happy with the way I treated his job, up till now if I call him
he will be here.

Can you recount one of your most challenging moments in 25 years of ministry?

Like I said earlier, I have been so filled with the spirit of God
that makes my behavior peculiar. I don’t see challenges from the
perspective of challenges but what give me concern most is those people
who speculate that I use charm to run my ministry. That is one thing
that baffles me, even some elders in the Christ Apostolic Church are so
surprised at the rise of my ministry and they will always say ‘No, you
are using something’.

They ask ‘How are you doing it?’ and all I will
say is ‘Just watch and see’ and that scenario has made many of them to
avoid me because they are so afraid of me. In fact, there is a man who
is doing this kind of your job, they went to report me to him that I am
using charms to run my church and I said ‘Charms?, how do you mean that I
am using charm to run my ministry?’. I said ‘ok, where is the charm? Go
and uproot that charm and let the world see it’. ‘If it is true, bring
before me those who made the allegation and let’s see eyeball to
eyeball. I am the one feeding them, how will they allege that I am using
charm?’; he said ‘No, they cant come and face you’. But what made me so
angry with that man was when he said ‘If they don’t see, they won’t

And I said to him ‘Why didn’t you invite them over to come and
confront me?’ I said ‘You don’t know what is called faith’ and he
replied ‘That is how you people always say’ and that struck me hard. I
said ‘All the People standing here move back. I said if truly God called
me to serve Him, by one year you will know’ (Kola Olawuyi, the man he
is referring to in this interview died the following year). I uttered
the statement because the word he made was very demeaning. I said ‘How
on earth will you compare God’s action with idol worshiping?’ I said ‘if
it is God who commissioned me on this job in this country, you will see
what will happen by next year’.

I was very angry because he challenged
my calling and because I was really angry, the spirit said I should
mellow down. But I was angry. That was one episode in my career that
challenged my faith and called God to prove His calling in my life.

At another time, a guy came out to allege that you Pa SK Abiara and
some other prominent Pastors do engage him to bring human heads which
you bury under your church cathedral.

How did you survive that episode too?

I don’t count such things as big challenges, I only said ‘People will
see and know the truth’. Some people phoned to ask me about the
allegation and I said ‘Please, let’s wait for the Lord will unveil
everything’. I said ‘leave the man alone except if God is not involved,
if it is not God that called me, you will see signs in the country’ that
is how I always respond to such controversies when they come my way. It
doesn’t bother me because God is involved in my dealings. He will never
disappoint me.

Did your parent have a Prophecy while growing that you will be a great prophet someday?

Even my father and mother were just going to church but they didn’t
believe I will one day be a prophet of God. The person they taught will
be a prophet is my elder brother. Because I was so quite as a child, if I
see anything, I won’t say it out.

But right from age of 4 I have become
clairvoyant. If I stand I will be seeing things and when I clocked 7, I
now saw the vision. I saw an Angel of God singing around me, he was
dancing round me. I saw that vision but I didn’t tell my parent. Later
on, another good day in the midnight, I saw this same angel came, my mum
and I were in the room and the lantern in that room was turned down to
dim the light reflection in the room.

I saw this strange being kneeling
and praying but I didn’t utter a word. But as the angel was praying for
about 15 minutes, if my mum wants to turn on the bed, the angel will
disappear. I didn’t talk and I kept seeing such strange beings from time
to time but I wouldn’t tell anybody or relate the scenario to anyone. 
And my parent don’t evil believe me whenever I say this things out and
as a kid, I used to say things people won’t believe and my parent will
call me “Oniro” (Liar).

If they are looking for something in the room,
the spirit will tell me to tell them to go and search so-so place but
instead of them to believe, they will say ‘Oh, you have come with you
pranks again, you kept it there. How did you know the thing is there?’
So, I was labeled a liar. I was a liar and even till I grew up but today
they will say ‘See the lies of those days have now become the truth’
and for me, it is quite instructive and as well, interesting.

In fact sir, can we conveniently say “Irodola” (Laughter)

Well, because they see me as too young for the kind of things I see
and say those days. Nobody believes I could be so clairvoyant. It is
quite interesting, anyway. I return all glory to God.

Were you the last child?

Not really, I am the third child. We are 8 in number but I am the number three.

What are those things you learnt from your parent while growing up?

You know people like me are always stubborn as kids. Yes, I was
stubborn and I will be beaten up seriously because our parents don’t
understand the kind of spirit living in us. So, they will beat me up and
we all grew through what I call parental cane. My dad and mum were
passionate Christians; their fate was so strong that till I grew up I
didn’t know what is called syringe; I was never taken to a hospital to
take injection. It will be holy water, if you are ill, my parent will
give you prayer water to drink and bath with and your illness will go
away. So, we grew through faith.
I said I am going to ask you this; you are one Man of God
who does not put his wife’s picture with his on crusade posters? Why,
because a lot of men of God these days will put their
wife’s pictures with theirs in any program bulletin and poster?

Can both of them die same day? That is the question you should ask
such a pastor when you see such. Ask him that ‘Sir, if you want to die,
can you take your wife along?’ is it the same calling God gave them? It
is he God calls that He calls nobody shares a divine mandate with the
bearer. Leave your wife and children out of church affairs; your wife
can cook your food for you and take care of the home front but when it
comes to gospel work, there are categories of gospel works a woman can
do if you don’t want to put yourself in trouble.


Sir, the Christ Apostolic Church is one great Church that has given
birth to many families which Ago Adura is one of them. But one
unfortunate scenario with the church is the fact that the church is
presently divided into two factions, sir, what do you think is
responsible for this and how do we solve the crisis?

The reason for all these fights is one, money. The second one is
position. Everyone wants to hold the position of authority; that is all.
If you say you want to eradicate all these, it could be difficult. I
told them like 8 years ago, that this fight can never end. That was
before our faction’s president, Ogunlade died. I said the end of the
rift might come but you elders should pray that it should happen in your
life time because you can’t appease death. I said all the elders will
die; they won’t get to Canaan Land because they are full of mistrust for
each other which mean this man does not want to stoop low and the other
man wants to be in position of authority. So, even if the fight ends,
they will be looking for whom to make the head because the fundamentals
have gone wrong. There is war and mistrust in the leadership cadre of
the church and no good leadership can come out of mistrust; except God
takes all these elders away and we now have young a cream of young
people that will get to Canaan land.


How do you really think multi-pastoralist tendencies can stop in the church, what is your own strategy in Ago Adura?

Ah! My brother, my aides here will testify to it; I send away like 5
pastors sometimes ago. After that episode, I sent away another set of 5
pastors when I saw this kind of thing (Beef for Power) rearing among my
pastors.  Secondly, I also sent away all my elders, why? They will
destabilize the church. What really fuels this kind of crisis in the
church is when these people see rich men, they will start to run after
them and the rich man does not know anything, the rich man is driven by
the craze of his money, rich men will always think money is the ultimate
and that is why these elders keep running after them, and because the
church now derails a bit by appointing these rich people as Baba Ijo, as
elders, as Pastors etc; except the church stop these nonsense and
consult the Holy Spirit to give direction on who to appoint to position
of authority. That is the only way multi-pastoralist tendency can stop
in the church.


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in 25 years of running a big church like Ago Adura?

The first one is ‘don’t be proud’. Anyone that wants to lead a tribe
of people should humble himself because of the needy ones. A church
leader must not be arrogant, don’t start creating some ambiguous budgets
that ‘oh, you want to build some big cathedrals or you want to organize
an event that does not tally with people’s challenges’. Don’t say ‘Oh,
we need hundred million naira to do this and that’ always say ‘If God
permits’. Don’t go and be borrowing money to do God’s work.  A shepherd
is there to guide his sheep not to hurt or milk them. Imagine someone
like me who relates with the poor people now saying I want to start
using a Private jet, it can’t be possible. Let us be moderate in
whatever we do, if it is water we can afford to drink during an event,
let us drink the water, we don’t have money for minerals. That is how I
behave. If I want to buy a car worth N7million, I will say ‘please get
me a second hand value’. I will say ‘I can’t buy the brand new because
the money for this brand new can buy two’ except you buy the car
yourself and give it to me. But for me to dip hand in church’s purse and
go buy one exotic car, no, no, no. That is not me.

Why I won’t receive a private jet as gift….

Sir, if you are given a private jet, would you now reject it?

Where am I taking the private jet to? Where am I parking it?

I mean, you can just park it at the airport and pay for the space?

What do I want to be doing with it at the airport? My brother, an
aero plane is not important to me. It is not a priority; my ministry
caters for a whole lot of people. If you bring money that is ok but aero
plane is not important to us; in fact, it is a vehicle of arrogance.

Can you tell us your favorite Bible verse?

You know, anyone that is adept with praying, he must be familiar with
the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. There is no verse we can’t use to
pray, I cannot say this is my favorite verse in the Bible because I
have interpreted the entire Bible from the beginning to the end. That is

Why Christians must read Psalms…

Your prayer books always emphasize on reading of Psalms, what is the secret of praying with Psalm?

Psalm is a conglomerate of covenant words written by spiritual people
who lived in times past. Majority of them wrote it under various divine
influences, some under condition of poverty while some wrote theirs
under the atmosphere of praise. The words used in writing those lines
are so powerful in today’s world. That is the reason why Psalm is so
powerful. It is the word of God and those who wrote Psalms wrote it
under serious conditions. If you read it, it drives away evil spirit and
we encourage Christians to use Psalms to support their prayer life
because those words are covenant words.

4 Things That Can Ruin A Man Of God…

In 25 years, what are the things you find out that can ruin the life of a man of God?

The first thing is that they should be wary of women. Because when I
started my ministry, it was with men, it was the men I asked to be
coming to the night vigil but those who fail to understand or who lack
knowledge in the things of God, they will not understand that women can
scatter things in the ministry. Secondly, they should be very careful
with money, the love of money is evil. It is not bad for you to be rich
but to now have the love of money in your heart could be slightly
dangerous. A man of God should not be too conscious about money, that
you must look for money at all cost, it is evil in the sight of God. The
third one is Juju (Ogun) they must stop using Juju to influence God’s
work. They should not use anything Juju; they must run away from it so
that they won’t be destroyed.

So, Juju can ruin the life of a man of God?

Yes, because if they do small Juju today, tomorrow they want to do a
bigger version of the Juju and that is the beginning of getting addicted
to Juju and from there their calling will be destroyed by the devil.
Another one is that they should not have friends; a genuine man of God
does not keep friends. A man of God who has friends or committee of
friends will never be faithful to his call.


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