Movie Review: Last 3 digits which features Dr. Sid, Nonso Diobi, Yemi Blaq, M.I Abaga, Rachel Oniga & More

The Last 3 Digits
So this week, KFB brings you the review of the movie‘The Last 3 Digits
The movie was directed by Moses Inwang, produced by Padita Agu and it is star-studded.

It features Nonso Diobi, Dr SID,
Padita Agu, Bimbo Manuel, Rachel Oniga, Abiola Atanda (Madam Kofo),
Yemi Blaq, Moyo Lawal, Kevin Ikeduba, Ali Baba, AY, Don Jazzy, MI
among others.
The movie was shot on location in Lagos, and the UK.
How much trouble can one get into for
dialling a wrong number? To what length would a man go to find his lost
love? The story of The Last Three Digits centres on a young man
(Alex) and his search for Audrey after their chance, brief meeting
(after many years) saw her give him incomplete phone digits. In
desperation, Alex begins to input random three digits, a spree that saw
him calling all kinds of people, in all parts of the world. A fatal
dialling lands him in the den of a violent gang, where he nearly
died. On his rescue, Alex resumes work, and is faced with the tumbling
experience of discovering that the company was owned by Audrey’s father!
His joy is restored – but only for a brief moment – as Audrey is now
engaged to Marvin, the swanky, lascivious, gold-digging marauder who ran
the company. Having come so close, it was another blow to the depths
for Alex, as he is unable to pick up the pieces of his life and move
past the disappointments. Is there an end to his trauma?

 Nonso Diobi takes on the role of the love-struck boyfriend who is desperately searching for the love of his life. Nonso as Alex handled his character well, seeing that he had tried all the numbers one could possibly think of and was still determined to try some more till he found his love. His expressions, fear, and excitement was totally apt and showed some improvement to his acting skills.

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His buddy and first-time actor Sidney Esiri wasn’t too shabby. For a first timer and son of the late Justus Esiri, he held his own next to the veteran, he seemed shallow and lacking depth in some scenes but we can place that on his role in the overall plot.

Seeing Bimbo Manuel was pretty welcome, however, that French accent he tried to have was just cringe worthy and felt totally unnecessary. While Audrey played by Padita Agu who co-produced this movie didn’t necessary have to star in it, as her role didn’t require anything out of the ordinary and Yemi Blaq was just Yemi Blaq.

Let’s hand it to Moses Inwang for this film, as writer, director, and producer he deserves kudos for this out of the ordinary production.

However I have issues with the storyline…How can you be searching for the last 3 digits of a phone number when you can just easily check her out and find her on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or instagram?  And then the story of how he lost her contact after she traveled abroad and returned didn’t just add up at all. Oh by the way, they just had to make it obvious that it was GLO that sponsored the movie…bleh!


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