KFB Movie Review: Here’s what I think about Stella Damasus’ role in “Affairs Of The Heart”

So this week I got to watch the much talked movie – Affairs of the heart! I did because our former Nollywood
sweetheart, Stella Damasus featured as the lead role in the movie. So,did Stella Damasus WOW in the movie?

The movie which was written and directed by Robert Peters was brought to the cinemas nationwide just recently.

 The emotional movie,
Affairs Of the Heart, is about the struggles women face just to get hooked and
then married to the man of their dreams. The theme of the movie centered on
love, betrayal, forgiveness and then redemption. 

Stella Damasus played
the female lead role as Vivanne Johnson- Okoro, a mid-aged successful medical
doctor in the US. She met the “man of her dreams” Eric Okoro (Joseph Benjamin) a
trained nurse on a missionary trip she took to Nigeria. Fast forward to seven
months of their meeting and constant communication, Vivianne used her influence to bring Eric to the US and in a short time, they decided to consummate their relationship. 
for Vivianne who was head-over-heels in love with Eric,was a con master.
Eric had come to the US with his “pregnant” wife Stella (Beverly Naya) who was
in another state and was only using Vivianne to get his papers and siphoning
her of her hard-earned bucks.
A twist soon came to
the plot when Eric took a dash from Vivianne to go and enjoy his loot with his
wife, Stella when he discovered that she was also a scam. Stella had faked getting pregnant and setting up a life for them. Eric’s world came crumbling
and he was soon arrested by the police.
The movie was
beautifully shot. The quality of the production was top-notch. My two
favourite characters in the movie were Eric (Joseph Benjamin) and Evelyn (Hollywood’s Divine Shaw). Those guys kept cracking me at almost every point. Oh, the scene
where Joseph Benjamin spoke Igbo was just hilarious… hello papa, Kam kpò ha chi gi (who would have thought
Joseph Benjamin could speak Igbo?). 
Cray, cray Evelyn (Divine Shaw), she is the perfect troublesome
bestfriend every one needs, so eccentric! I could not have enough of the scenes with
her husband. While I liked the energy Stella Damasus brought to the movie, or
maybe tried to bring
, something was just not jellying
with her “overexpression”. Anyway, she did a good job!
major turnoff for me, was that it was too predictable! The same old
story, com’on, todays #Nigeriandemons (lol) are lot smarter than what
was portrayed in the  movie. Also, some
scenes were unnecessarily draggy.
Not necessary an
intelligent storyline but a good movie all the same.

Check out the trailer here:


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