“For 3 years I Was Not Intimate With A Man” Listen to Tiwa Savage’s November 2015 Interview


It was only a few months ago when Genevieve’s team of journalists,
Shanelle Nwanebi, Roseline Nya and Torera Idowu visited the Mavin
Headquarters to interview their superstar act Tiwa Savage for their November magazine cover.

She talked about [amongst many other topics] the moment when she
established her faith in God as well as her husband’s trust in her.

Listen to the audio excerpt and transcript of the cover interview.

Click HERE for Audio interview

Q: Can you comment on the issues that happened in the past, firing him as your manager and what not?

A: If I talk about my marriage, I am going to have
to drag his personal matters into my interview which I will politely shy
away from. There are other people involved.

Q: How do you make your marriage work?

A: I don’t want to tell you else I would be giving
out our secret. Even your editor in chief said it’s best to keep your
relationship out of social media so why are you asking me to go against
her advice?

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Q: Tiwa Savage is a big name in Nigeria and that can get into one’s head. How do you keep yourself grounded in your marriage?

A: My marriage? Again I cannot comment on that. Fame
is here today and gone tomorrow. They can celebrate you today and
tomorrow you walk into a room and no one cares who you are. So why would
fame ever get to me?

Q: What advice would you give people getting married

A: I can’t advice anyone because I am only a year
and a half in. But keep God first and let him be that third entity in
your marriage. He is the only one that can calm your anger or make you
understand where someone else is coming from. Your husband’s action
might seem ridiculous to you and you say to yourself, I can never act
like this so why would you as another human being act like that. It’s
confusing and the only person that can give you understanding of that is

One day I felt the presence of God strongly and I started attending
House on the Rock. After I found Jesus I went through a phase where I
gave my entire pay check to the church. For three years I was not
intimate with a man. I did not kiss or have sex. Every time I would hug a
man it would be from the side.Some of us have gone through that but the
key is not to backslide.

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Q: Does that explain why you were not linked romantically with anyone?

A: Even if I wasn’t a christian, I am not that type
of person naturally. I was more of a tomboy and my mum used to think I
was going to be gay because I used to wear baggy trousers to feel I was
part of the boys. I hated high heels which I still do till today. From
time I was never really a girly person and neither was I into boys.
Which is probably why my husband would say “Thank God that all these big
men with their money flashing money in front of my wife. She kukuma is not like that and it wont faze her anyway.”


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