‘Beware of counterfeit friendship’ – Comedian, AY writes

Comedian, Ayo Makun.
Be careful of superficial friends who usually would come to you to gossip another friend.

where I lose trust with people. If a friend comes up to me and says,
‘Oh, my God, did you hear about Genevieve and Tunde? They’re getting a
divorce, and it is ugly. I’m pretty sure Tunde is cheating’.

You have just shared something with me that was not yours to share. And my trust for you is completely gone.  

of times, we share things that are not ours to share as a way to build a
connection with a new friend who is no longer close to the other friend
that he or she was once close to. Some closeness are built on talking
bad about other people.

This is common! You know what I call it? ‘Common enemy intimacy‘.
In this type of friendship, trust and truth are alien. The intimacy is
only built on hating the same person you both have considered an enemy.

Beware of counterfeit friendship!


‘Celebrities, phone calls and the ‘rude’ ones’ – Ali Baba writes

have often sat down to review the stress that goes with being open. And
every time I find myself coming to the conclusion that ONE BAD APPLE

trust me, that one bad apple can be so annoyingly distasteful. Not just
because of how the person who called and hung up did it, but the fact
that you must have left something important to take the call.

you are just laying around you can pass it off as one of those calls
but when you were busy, it takes a different shade. However, and very
sadly too, when you finally pick a persistent call and the person hangs
up, it just eats you up on very different levels.

am one of those artistes who...

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