After been away for weeks, Olajumoke Orisaguna resurfaces on social media (photos)

For sometime now, bread seller turned super star model Olajumoke has been off the social scene….Some reports say it is because she has been receiving classes from the new school she was enrolled in…but Olajumoke wants fans know that she has not faded into obscurity….

Last night she shared the photos below with the captions “Backstage with colleagues from Few Models,” and “Beach workout with Few Fit.”

See the new photos:

Credit: Instagram/Olajumoke
Credit: Instagram/Olajumoke

Days ago, Olajumoke and her family into a new luxurious and well furnished apartment in Surulere, Lagos.


‘Beware of counterfeit friendship’ – Comedian, AY writes

Comedian, Ayo Makun.
Be careful of superficial friends who usually would come to you to gossip another friend.

where I lose trust with people. If a friend comes up to me and says,
‘Oh, my God, did you hear about Genevieve and Tunde? They’re getting a
divorce, and it is ugly. I’m pretty sure Tunde is cheating’.

You have just shared something with me that was not yours to share. And my trust for you is completely gone.  

of times, we share things that are not ours to share as a way to build a
connection with a new friend who is no longer close to the other friend
that he or she was once close to. Some closeness are built on talking
bad about other people.

This is common! You know what...

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