5 things we learnt from the new video by Adekunle Gold- Ready

Adekunle Gold continues to thrill us with his voice and lyrics. Here are five things we picked from his new video:

You need to cry out: Yes, you need to say it loud and clear that you are ready
to mingle and get into the dating scene or like they say test the waters. The
era of “oh we met on the road and our eyes just clicked and we knew
it” is gradually fading. More people are sliding into DMs and instagram
pages. And yes they are crying out…I like you, can we meet up? Conversation
begins and the rest becomes history. 
Long throat for Bellanaija kind-of-wedding:  Let’s call a spade a spade, Bella naija
weddings has had tremendous effect on a lot of us. Who does not like glitz and
glamour, even on a small scale?
You will find your boo: “There is a man for every woman and a woman for
every man”, so there is no need to rush or take another person boo
(ignore Harrysong’s  Reggae blue for a
4.  You might not always leave with a bae/boo: if
you go empty handed to a party you might as well leave empty handed. This will
prevent you from taking another person boo except he or she says otherwise.
 5. It is ok to feel funny and want affection
when you see lovey dovey people.. aka Public Display of Affection. You do not
have to be hardcore all the time.

Watch it below:


How my husband, Afeez Owo abandoned me and our kids – Actress Mide Martins spills all the details of her ongoing marital crisis

Yoruba movie star, Mide Martins is presently spilling all the details of her marital crisis with her husband  Afeez Abiodun Owo, on Instagram. 

Recall that a few days ago (HERE),
we speculated that all was not well with their marriage after she
failed to wish him happy birthday. Turns out we were right after all....
all is indeed not well. 

Read her explosive revelation below:

Life Is a Mystery!!!.... We live in a world where so many strange things happen that are beyond human comprehension... First of all I want correct this  impression of me moving out of my husband's house, I did not leave my house nor pack out of his house,...
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