Nigerian twitter users are blaming Psqaure wives for their rift + let’s tell you about Peter Okoye’s new manager (Photos)


Hours ago, Peter Okoye of P-square officially unveiled his new stage name, MrP along with contact details of his new management. His new manager is called Olatunde Michaels.

Olatunde has been a close friend of the Okoye brothers for a long time.
In 2004, he worked with Sundcity as Head of Channel. He was one time
also media and event consultant for the D’banj-led DKM media as well as
Station Manager, Trace TV Nigeria.

Meanwhile, following the news of Peter Okoye breaking away from
Psquare and to focus on his solo career as Mr. P, Twitter Nigeria is
making their feelings known on the latest development in the group’s
split making their feelings known on everything from Peter’s new stage
name (Mr. P) to blaming the wives of the brothers.


For the ladies: 8 evil lies Lagos hairstylists always tell

You know what’s worse than Lagos tailors? Lagos hairstylists. Most
people think there is nothing worse than Lagos tailors, with their
constant string of lies and disappointments, but surprise, the
hairstylists are way worse, and we have proof.

If you haven’t realized how evil they are before, we’ve run down a
list of lies they tell that prevent us from reaching optimum slayage
levels with our hair.

  1. The style will fit you/The hair is fine.
    For me, this is the worst one. Especially after you’ve already gotten
    the hair done. What’s worse is that other hairstylists and customers in
    the salon will also join in convincing you that the hair actually looks
    good. So you go home, and don’t realize what a state your hair is in,
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