Brussels Terror Attack: Between OAP Freeze and Prophet TB Joshua…

Hours ago,  Synagogue Church Of All Nations leader Prophet T.B. Joshua came forward to claim that he predicted the Brussel terror attacks which happened a few days ago killing over 30 people and leaving many wounded.

Joshua released a video on YouTube claiming that he had made the prophecy on Sunday 31st January 2016.
In the video he can be heard saying,
have three messages to give you. One is for a French country. They have
to tighten their security; it’s not yet over. These evil people are in
the town. The people they chased out – there are some that are still
there. They want to strike back. They
are looking for every opportunity for assembly – assembly of people.
They should pray. They should watch out. The people they chased out –
some still remain. They will blow – a lot of people will die. It will be
the North part of a French country.

Well, Cool FM OAP, Freeze is not exactly impressed with TB Joshua’s prediction.
Freeze slammed the leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations stating that he did not predict jack!

Baba, leave story you didn’t predict jack! Northern
French country ko, southern Portuguese country ni! Shior!!! Your so
called prediction killed about 30 while in your own backyard 116 were
killed. Baba, leave this one and go and predict #SureBet make boys

Freeze had also tackled the prophet weeks earlier when he slammed the
justice system for letting the prophet go free and arresting the MD of
Lekki Gardens.


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