Olori Wuraola & the skeletons in our own cupboards

Olori Wuraola Ooni

Ooni’s new wife’s story reminds me of the story of
Halima, the beautiful happy go lucky Abuja girl who ran into one of the
wealthiest men in the world the late Ambassador (Oluwo) Dehinde
Fernandez at the Safari night club at the Abuja Hilton just slightly
less than 10 years ago and later became his wife till death.

Legend has it that Halima borrowed the taxi fare she paid to Hilton that
night from her friends mai guard. Anyway Oluwo saw her and was
mesmerized his Israeli security aides called her, and brought her to
him. She never returned to her one room apartment from that club. Oluwo
took her to his suite at the Hilton and two days later flew her to his
palatial residence in Brussels.

When 4 weeks down the line Oluwo announced he was marrying Halima, then
tongues started to wag. They called her drunkard, prostitute, ‘runs
girl”and all sorts. Oluwo a worldly billionaire in his 70s (Halima was
in her 30s), just ignored the stories and married his girl. To shut the
critics up, they somehow traced that Halima was of the Royal Kano
lineage. I remember that it was my former Oga and present Kaduna
governor Nasir El Rufai that led a delegation that hosted a lavish
reception for Halima at the Emir of Kano’s palace.

Then Oluwo a Lagos
high chief also got a very high title for Halima (I think it was Otun
Iyalode) bestowed on her by the late Oba Oyekan of Lagos Next Oluwo and
Halima were in Buckingham Palace where the Queen conferred on her the
title the “Baroness of Lumley” as the spouse of Oluwo who was the Baron
of Lumley. From then on, all the people wey dey do Halima “psss, psss”
just mechionu.

She lived with Oluwo in Brussels peacefully and bore him children (I
have being corrected she bore no children). They lived happily and she
is now one of the wealthiest Nigerian women inheriting a fortune from
her husband said to be in billions of dollars.

When it comes to matters
of the heart people need to be a bit more circumspect. I think it is
crude to dog people especially people we don’t know about who they
choose to marry or how they live their lives. Especially when many of us
have our own skeletons.

Culled from Titus Ale on Facebook


Jide Kosoko’s daughter opens up on how her father saved her marriage!

Star actress, Sola Kosoko who is one of Jide Kosoko’s daughters
trading in the same industry with her dad has revealed his father’s
advice about marriage has really helped her in keeping a successful
marriage with her husband since she got married a couple of years ago.
See excerpts from her Citypeople magazine interview below:
You are married with kids and you still look good with nice shape, what is the secret?
I will attribute that to God almighty the maker of my soul and
body. He is the one who gives beauty and he endowed me with mine. So, I
give all the glory to him. Looking glamorous all days is by God’s grace.
We are here today not for beauty contest but uncle Debo’s birthday. He
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Nigerian twitter users are blaming Psqaure wives for their rift + let’s tell you about Peter Okoye’s new manager (Photos)

Hours ago, Peter Okoye of P-square officially unveiled his new stage name, MrP along with contact details of his new management. His new manager is called Olatunde Michaels.

Olatunde has been a close friend of the Okoye brothers for a long time.
In 2004, he worked with Sundcity as Head of Channel. He was one time
also media and event consultant for the D’banj-led DKM media as well as
Station Manager, Trace TV Nigeria.


For the ladies: 8 evil lies Lagos hairstylists always tell

You know what’s worse than Lagos tailors? Lagos hairstylists. Most
people think there is nothing worse than Lagos tailors, with their
constant string of lies and disappointments, but surprise, the
hairstylists are way worse, and we have proof.

If you haven’t realized how evil they are before, we’ve run down a
list of lies they tell that prevent us from reaching optimum slayage
levels with our hair.

  1. The style will fit you/The hair is fine.
    For me, this is the worst one. Especially after you’ve already gotten
    the hair done. What’s worse is that other hairstylists and customers in
    the salon will also join in convincing you that the hair actually looks
    good. So you go home, and don’t realize what a state your hair is in,

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