Who says Warri guys are not romantic | Ogaga &Ijeoma’s prewedding shoot will inspire you!

warri love

Ogaga loves Ijeoma in a special “warri boy” way and he tells it to you easily.
In his pre wedding session he says, “my senses are with me as I profess my love for Ijeoma”.

Hearing him say that made us think, how does one really love someone when you have lost your senses?
But then we think and say, a lot of things we do when we are in love do not really look sane. Do they?
Gushing about the shoot, the photographer, Ogheneworo said “We
did this at the famous La Campagne Tropicana Resort, in Ibeju Lekki
Lagos and it has always been a delight shooting in that location.”

Warri boys are not known for their romanticism. They are known for
their ability to make you laugh continuously, their ability to stare
down their opponents or fight their way through any situation. They are
known for their strength and their courage. But romance? E no dey Warri
boy dictionary. So when you find one who combines the natural talent of a
Warri boy with romanticism, GRAB HIM!!!

Ogaga is such a romantic. The Flower says it all.  

a woman understands her man, she finds peace. Ijeoma has the eye for
catching the small stuff and understands this young man perfectly. You
can see it in a few minutes.

These two love birds genuinely love themselves. You can see it in their eyes and in the way they play.

In their pre wedding session, Ogaga made a promise that together they will walk into the horizon and conquer all together.  
Ijeoma clearly knows this is the truth and the V sign tells you all. 
A few art work for decorating the dining table area later…….Ogaga take note. 

 Their love story and wedding photos shall be featured on our True Love Story Series for next week, whoop!


A True Love Story: A funeral and a christmas day meeting – Chidinma and Chidiebere

It is the month of love!!!

Love is a living thing. Love is the reason for existence. When it finds you, you live more fruitfully.
To the kfbers that complain that we don't feature Igbo weddings, this is for you :)....

Our couple of the week, Chidimma and Chidiebere, a Chemist/Engineer and
Physician had a beautiful cathedral wedding in Atlanta last September. They got the whole of Atlanta talking about their wedding.

Their beautiful lovestory kicked off at the groom's grandmother's funeral during christmas and got heated up with a home made cake.

The excited groom, narrated the love story below:

“At my late grandmother’s funeral in Mbaise Nigeria, my sister,
Nneka, was introduced to a man whose attendance I am now convinced was
divine providence. From what I gather, the gentleman, Mr....

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