“I was Diagnosed with Blood Clot Before It Affected The Heart – Olumide Bakare speaks from Hospital Bed

It is no longer news that veteran actor, Olumide Bakare has once
again been hit by heart attack. And this time, it is critical.

He was
rushed to the University College Hospital, UCH in Ibadan, Oyo State
where he is right now receiving treatment.
The Ibadan-based thespian suffered a heart attack before now which
almost claimed his life then.

In early 2013, he suffered a cardiac
arrest but pulled through.

Last Tuesday, fresh information at our
disposal claimed that the ailment is getting out of hand and he needs
millions of naira to survive.

Last Wednesday 3rd February 2016, City People Yoruba Movie
Reporter, paid him a visit at the hospital…see the interview excerpts below:
How did the sickness start?
It has started since 2013 but it wasn’t as bad at it is now, we
have treated it but you know things like that don’t go easily.  About 15
days ago, the sickness resurfaced and I was rushed to the emergency
unit of University College Hospital, Ibadan where I have been admitted.
What were the symptoms you saw before you were rushed to hospital?
I wasn’t feeling anything, it just that I fell critically sick and I was brought to the hospital for treatment.
What did doctors diagnose when you were brought in?
After the test was conducted, the result revealed that I am
suffering from “Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm and Pulmonary Embolism” which
has to do with heart related issues.  From the diagram, it showed that
there is a blockage in the vein that takes blood to the heart.
We learnt that the injection you take daily cost #40,000 daily, how factual is that?
That is not true. It is #14,000 plus per one and it’s called
Clexane injection and I take 4 per day. I have been on it now for 21
What was doctors’ comment on the cause of the ailment?
Initially, I was diagnosed with blood clot before it affected the heart.
When you were diagnosed with that, was it neglected or you actually treated it?
It was treated. It is a thing that when it gets started, it is not
something that heals on time. It can be managed if at the end of the day
it doesn’t arrive at surgery. I have been managing it before the heart
problem set in. I am so sorry that I can’t continue this interview any
longer. I think I have given you enough information. Thank you.

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