Be inspired: Opeyemi Aiyeola shares early morning motivational message

Opeyemi Aiyeola

One time popular Yoruba actress and happily married mum of two boys, Opeyemi Aiyeola has turned a motivational speaker.
She posted this a few days ago

It is often said that if it is of God you will never have to work for it.Listen….thats the enemy wanting to steal your joy because if it is of God you’ve got to be prepared to go to ‘WAR’ for it, we all ve to be KIngdom principled, step out, take chances, be purpose-driven, success-oriented.Adventure is the key, let ur creativity be known in the diversity of ethnicities, nationalities and humanities, let ur mind be fortified and resolute, ur faith be steadfast and unfaltering because there is a place of splendor, peace, perfect health, connubial happiness, lucrative billet and personal fulfillment. ..All you need to do is to take a faithful step with direction, cos direction is so much more important than speed; so you dont end up going no where fast. If you’re born poor, Its not your fault but then if you die poor-It is ur fault……Dont forget the struggle is real and so is God.Happy sunday n have a vibrant week ahead, much love❤️?. This words helped me through January, repeating it again to usher us all into Feb. I hope it encourages some1 too??.
And this one, this morning
Its the season of ❤️ friends and love doesn’t have to come with emotions…yes, it can be emphatic.Jesus didn’t say when I was hungry you felt sorry for me or when I was naked you felt shame for me; he said when I was hungry you GAVE me to eat….Love shld be more of works than feelings, so why not try spread love in your own little way this season. You can think of some1 you might ve hurt knowingly or unknowingly, think of the pain they had to GROW through…If pain makes us grow what do you think the real EFFECT of LOVE can achieve?All we need to do is speak words of kindness for attractive lips and share your food with the hungry 4 a fascinating slim figure??.No1 knows wot any1 is going thru or what pain, issues or baggage we carry. ..we all carry some form of baggage or thorn in our flesh, even paul couldn’t escape it…lets judge a little less and love more.Remember what life was like before you became who you are, who was always by your side in the most painful situation and even those that were not there…. Heartbreak is not a thing of joy but if life can leave some1 we neva dreamt of losing, it can definitely replace them with someone we neva dreamt of having; your value doesnt decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth even if it all falls apart, dnt you think it can be put together again. The truth is someone is always gonna hurt you, you just have to find the one’s worth suffering for; sometimes we need to be hurt inorder to grow, we must lose inorder to gain, sometimes some lessons re best learnt through pains…. You’re the best of the best??so just believe in yourself,love your life, be happy, keep smiling, dnt live as if you’re never gonna die and dnt die like you never lived, dnt lose your health trying to make money and dnt lose money trying to restore your health…. Before u speak.. listen; before u write..Think; before you pray.. Forgive; before you hurt.. Feel the pain; before you hate..just try and love a little cos Christ himself is love, love is the reason for this season. WE ALL are HERE cos GOD LOVES US. HNM??❤️.


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