Stop deceiving us with your Wayo | An open letter from a customer to Etisalat Nigeria

I just got this mail too, it is unedited. 

Hi Kemi, Please be my mouthpiece against sharp practises among some networks in Nigeria.

Or this is what to expect in the era of change Nigeria is passing through,I want to disagree.
I don’t know why Etisalat network could treat her regular and consistent  customer the way they did to me.

have given the network the necessary support l could, using it more
than other networks in my kitty. I have advertised it to many people who
have also joined  the family.
Now see what the network did to me.

Check your balance this festive season,you too may be surprised at what you would find.
I loaded N1000 credit on the 29th of December 2015.  l was given N1500 bonus which l now see to be bogus bonus.
was going well until New year eve when l sent some messages to my loved
ones. Deductions were made from the bonus up to N525.

I made a N155
international call according to the balance statement given after the
call. I was happy with the balance of N850. I did not make another .
Now see their pranks:
There are some messages l was told could not be sent that l should try and confirm  the address well before  trying again.
I did not bother to try doing it.
went for the new year service,switched off my hand set but to learn
from a church member that she saw the message  6times. Who sent them?

l wanted to tell her l had tried sending her a message that she should
wait and see what Etisalat  sent. I had not finished talking before she
said the above comments.
So they deceived me. Perhaps to make me
continue sending as l was being notified of its not being sent, so that
they continue getting richer.
And they could have done same to many unsuspecting customers raking millions of naira from the volume of messages sent out .

Many people would have received my message more than once to rip me of my hard earned money.
I am greatly cheated.
The network  did not stop at that, l got home to check my balance,to be faced with N700 of original credit and N300 from bonus.
How come ? If at all l made a local call before l left for church,why was it not deducted from bonus credit.
I want Etisalat to explain the sharp practices and restore my money.
I am disappointed, I can not hide it.

N1000 l purchased  was for my monthly data which expires by Monday. The
international  call l made was very necessary that l thought l would
only need to add N200 credit to it.
Please, help tell them, the economy can not be tossing us up and down and for them to be adding insult to our injury.
not throw the trust we have on u away. It would take them more energy 
and resources  to get  unwilling and pained customers back on line..

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