Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus produce new movie (watch trailer)


 “Between”, an emotional thriller starring Stella Damasus, Travis Grenier, Lynne Jenson and Tatiana Zappardino is now out.

The movie was written and directed by Daniel Ademinokan and is scheduled for release in a couple of months. 
The movie was produced by the lovebirds! Yoiu can watch the beautiful trailer below…can’t wait to see the movie!

Enyimba and Rayon Sports share the spoils

Kemisola Ade

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  1. Enough of that return son! Doris Simeon is an adult and know what they are doing. Moreover when she granted an interview on this and dare anyone who assumed she took her husband, why didn't Doris stepped forward? If people were God, this two would had been long murdered and buried but look at them soaring higher.
    God is never a man

  2. No respect for a woman wt another woman's husband especially if u r COLLEAGUE… it is SHAME

  3. No respect for a woman wt another woman's husband especially if u r COLLEAGUE… it is SHAME

  4. A house with faulty foundation wil eventually colapse,it's just a matter of time.No matter how one tries to keep d fire of "INFATUATION" burning, it wil naturaly be quenched @ last!

  5. Twitter Berry, Hell NO!
    Have you ask urself why another woman will keep another woman's son and she does nothing?
    Have you asked urself why after all the lashing the husband give her on media she can't say any reasonable thing to defend herself?
    Have u asked urself why she hasn't honoured Stella's threat and step forward?
    Google is ur friend.
    Must we keep tagging Stella in every post she is involved?
    I was one of those who fought this issue but after an inclusive interview Stella and Ade gave, I backed off.
    They are adults.
    Toyin who tried fight for Doria has long backed off. Where is her marriage today?
    Women, treat you husbands as kings/ur priority. A good woman keeps her home
    Men love ur wives and Christ love the Church.

  6. Tweet Berry now read this interview granted by Stella and give ur opinion else stop taking panadol for another's headache. Did u read were I said I fought Stella before an until I backed off after following each of their narratives? I am sure u are new online. Lots of her colleagues who fought too has long retired. Leave judgement for God. By the way who made u the judge?

  7. I no go sch and I no sabi read but d question I asked u, u never answer am. So u believe she(stella) don talk true abi. God 4 u. Wetin dey shame person pass thief no pass dis 1 wey stella do. Just a YES OR NO from u is what I need. And make I no 4get 2 drop d panadol for u cos I no say u dey feel headache with my reply. Swallow. Am with cold water… hehehehe Byeeeeeeeee

  8. Waiting for the Agbo, as Panadol no cure d headache. But I can throw stone cos I have never snatch and will never snatch 1 else's husband. It will never be by portion ijn

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