They say Bishop Oyedepo made a woman’s b00bs bigger at Shiloh 2015…

We don’t know how true this report is, but a man who attended this year’s Shiloh 2015 organized by Bishop David Oyedepo‘s Winners Chapel has claimed that a miracle took place, where a woman with small b00bies miraculously grew bigger ones.

This year’s edition of the annual Shiloh, took place between Dec. 8th & 12th 2015 and a man who
claims to have witnessed the breasticlicious miracle took to his
Facebook page to relay the news.

Read what he wrote below:

On Friday service, I entered the main church building
called “FAITH TABERNACLE” where the Man of God, David Oyedepo was
preaching the gospel of Jesus. I saw him live in white suit as he
ministered to over 1 million persons seated at the event and over 500
million worldwide.
After preaching, the man of God started performing miracles, he
commanded witches and wizards to go out of miracle-seeking member’s
bodies. He assured BELIEVERS that their problems will be solved with his
thunderous prayers.
Immediately he finished his miracle prayers, he asked members to come
and testify. Many members were healed, some were healed of fracture,
deafness, blindness and bed-wetting but what I couldn’t figure out up
till now was a member who claimed that her TWO BREAST wasn’t equal, One
Breast was SMALL while the other Breast was BIG, as soon as Bishop David
OYEDEPO prayed, she received her miracle and the two unequal breasts
became 2 Big equal breasts. Everyone shouted hallelujah, glory be to God
for such an unusual healing. They thanked the God of Bishop Oyedepo for
healing her.

Someone who watched the service live claimed the eyewitness was lying about the miracle, however he stood his ground.


There you have it!

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