A fan got Mercy Aigbe angry last night and they exchanged words on Instagram!

So last night, a fight started on instagram after Mercy Aigbe posted a photo collage of herself and her 14-year-old daughter and asked her fans to
choose whose selfie was better. A follower faulted her for exposing her
daughter and scolded her for it. The actress however told her off and that’s how they started exchanging words, Mercy was truly angry.

See screenshots below:

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  1. Nigerians been making life tough 4 celebrities.
    If u meet dem outiside nw.
    N they act cold.
    You wud b bashing them.
    Era of smartphones n silly people.
    I no blame dat qal sha.
    Wen android z nw 15k n 1k sub
    some pple wud jz go online n spill out trash

    1. Men! This is why I don't want fame, just give me the fortune. We are not perfect, no one is perfect, but celebrities get their imperfections amplified to the world, and they get massive, heartbreaking, depressing criticisms that can ruin a sane person's whole week.

  2. What is their business now…. Some times you just have to ignore some people while sometimes you have to reply some ingrates…. That fan of hers was a way a too harsh…… Damn!!

  3. What that person was saying is right,only that she expressed it in a bad way,as a celebrity,people troll u on a daily basis and the best u can do is not to expose your child to such because she might not be matured enough to handle hateful comments. This is the reason I respect Genny,she's been able to protect her child from the media.

    1. the reason why it pained her so much was because the fan was right. But People only talk to mothers to train their daughters, what about the sons that might grow up to be paedophiles, don't they need training or guys are free/right to behave abnormally.

  4. So in Mercy's mind now she has arrived! what stupid award is she talking bout we all no how they arrange and pay for awards like the write said she should get herself more concern on improving herself and stop being a bitch

  5. Let the truth be said,what morale did you think this woman is putting into dis kid as a good mother from her was o dressing….. Many irresponsible being will call dat civilization,bt i bet u she is exposing the kid to danger… I go with d guy not mercy

  6. Wonders shall never end….you can say something good in a bad way and vice versa….I think the manner of presention was too can pass your message across without insulting the heck out of mother and daughter…..but she has proven her point…..if you put up your child on display,expect whatever comes in your comment section.

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