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#KemiFilaniTours My trip to Olumo rock in Abeokuta (photos, videos)

Tour guide, KFB, Penzaar and MJ

After I embarked on a trip in 2013 to Jos (HERE), I decided to kick off the #KemiFilaniTours, but my busy schedule and bad procrastination habit (which I am working on) stood in my way.

#KemiFilaniTours is more like a travel journal, where KFB visits tourist /historic/fun centers (locally/internationally) and gives you the gist. I intend to make it a biweekly column if all things work out well, but if otherwise, then it will be monthly. 

After several months, the dream has finally come to
live and the first tourist centre KFB visited is the Olumo Rock in
Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Olumo rock (a name which means ‘under
the rock’), one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria,
sits in the ancient city center of Abeokuta.


I went in company of four friends: Penzaar of Penzaarvilleafrica, Erad (a graphics designer), Adetola (a baker) and Moji Oshindero (a sweetheart and DJ).

When we arrived Abeokuta
headed towards the Olumo rock

We visited the tourist centre in the wee hours of a Thursday, so that
we could be exclusively attended to but even then, we weren’t early
enough, some students were already having their excursion there.

The entrance:
The gate fee into the premises is 700
naira per person for normal climbing or stairs, however for use of the
Elevator, the fee is 1,500 naira. We used the stairs because the Elevator wasn’t working.
A video of when we talked about our expectations…I wanted to blown away by the stories from the tour guides.
First look at the rock
I’m like, so this is the Olumo Rock…:)

And the climbing began.

The stairs didn’t go all the way to the top of the rock, it was only a first stage of climbing.

We had to pause here for a selfie

The first stop was the Lisabi Garden. The first tour guide we came across was this light  skinned woman and she told us that we just climbed 120 stairs.

You could imagine our surprise, we didn’t know we had climbed that much.

We were told that Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during the inter-tribal wars in the 19th

The rock provided sanctuary to the people as well as a vantage
point to monitor the enemy’s advance leading to eventual triumph in war.

Olumo means “all the troubles and sufferings were
over” .

She further told us about the “Kpasheke tree, Dogonyaro tree and Ighi-odon tree” growing from the
And then we proceeded into the “Olumo main shrine” where
sacrifice is being made every 5th of august annually to the gods.

The tour guide 2

After which we moved on to this cave which served as a safety home for the past Egba warriors.

Below is a video of us in the scary cave….we didn’t stop shouting ‘Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus…” lol.

Then the real rock climbing began:
I decided to take a break here 🙂

We were asked to take the ancient route to the peak of the Rock but we decided to pass through the modern route because of Penzaar…he was scared of heights…durr.

We finally got to the peak and it was awesome.

Once on top of the Rock, the view was breathtaking and
certainly worth the effort for the trip. 

height of the rock is 137meters above sea level so you can see all of Abeokuta
including great landmarks like the river Ogun from which Ogun State gets
its name, St. Peter’s Cathedral (the first church built in Nigeria by
the British missionaries), the Abeokuta Central mosque, MKO
Abiola’s (disputed winner of the June 12 1999 elections who died in
mysterious circumstances while in detention) family home and many more

Feeling like a gangsta

A closer view of my cute face …to think that i woke up with a minor boil on my left eye that morning, lol.

Kemi and Tola
Erad feeling on top of the world
Our view of the environ from the peak of the Rock
Another view
Another view
Erad and Adetola 🙂
Yours truly
Erad and Adetola….love birds!

More and more and more photos 🙂


And then we bade the Rock bye 🙂

In all, the Olumo rock is a beautiful tourist site but i wasn’t exactly ‘blown away’ with the stories i was told by the tour guides.

Thanks for reading through.

I am totally open to ideas from you to make this #KemiFilaniTours more fun…so please tell it all via the comment section, thankyou.

You can also keep up with our updates on instagram, it is a newly opened account @kemifilaniblog..whoop!

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