71 year old blind man, slaps pregnant daughter-in-law over meal

A 71-year-old blind man, Meshack
Igbokwu, on Thursday slapped his pregnant daughter-in-law in
Ugbolu, near Asaba, the Delta State capital.
It was reliably gathered that the
victim, with a five-month-old pregnancy, had disagreed with the old man
over his choice of food at night, which led to an altercation between
both of them.
According to Punch, the septuagenarian was said to have allegedly slapped the woman when she moved closer to him.
The blind old man said,
 “I was paid house rent by my tenant and I asked my
daughter in-law to prepare eba (cassava meal) for me as I went to the bathroom to take my bath, after which I discovered that she prepared akamu (corn meal) for me.
“The money I put under the pillow was
removed and this prompted me to call one of my tenants who paid me
earlier to count the money, only to discover that the money was short of
N5,000.“I called my daughter (in-law) who shouted at me, saying I am blind.”

Eye witnesses of the fracas said the old man asked the woman for his money and why she prepared akamu instead of eba for him. She was said to have been infuriated by the queries and allegedly insulted him, which made him to reportedly slap her.
She was said to have fallen to the ground and was taken to a hospital by neighbours, where she was revived.
The matter was reported at the Ugbolu Police Division.

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