KFB Movie Review: So I finally watched Odunlade Adekola’s “Alani Pamolekun” movie…

Oh well, after three weeks, I eventually finished watching Yoruba movie star Odunlade Adekola’s Alani Pamolekun movie.

 It had three parts, that is why it took me that long. 

I keep saying and will always say this – Odunlade is a super star. He wrote, directed, and produced the movie, as a matter of fact, he produced and sang the background music too, lol.

Cast:  This movie was star studded. Saheed Balogun, Dayo Amusa, Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin), Kemi Afolabi, Afeez Owo, Ronke short all the yoruba music stars were there, have lost count of their names, lol.


Adekola Odunlade (Alani Pamolekun) the notorious and most wanted
criminal of all time. He is so powerful that nobody dare challenge his
authority. Bullets do nothing to him, just with his words alone he could control everything.

I particularly loved when he turned some peeps into a bicycle just with a joke he cracked, lol.

It practically had almost the same storyline with Oyenusi (see my review of it HERE) but unlike Oyenusi, this one is not a true life story!

Alani Pamolekun was obsessed with power, more power, and POWER. He wanted to be the most powerful man on earth, he wanted to be god.

Everything was going on fine till he was challenged by a female police officer who shot him dead…it took alot before he could be revived by his herbalist and when he was eventually revived, he began to search for this female officer who was daring enough to face him. Interestingly, even his herbalist couldn’t locate the officer with all his charms, lol.

However, to help him become more powerful, the herbalist asked him to get him seven crowns from seven kingdoms….he succeeded in getting four but couldn’t get that of Benin, Oyo and Ife.

At the end of the day, he returned to his herbalist to ask for help only to find this female officer (who shot him) reporting him to the herbalist…unknown to him, she was the daughter of the herbalist and has been washed/soaked in his (the herbalist’s) charms too, thus nothing evil can befall her.

Alani got angry and thought that the herbalist had connived with his daughter to kill him, but sadly that wasn’t the case…the herbalist didn’t know that his daughter was the lady that shot Alani dead the other time.

Confusion set in and Alani punished the herbalist in the most cruel way, the daughter also died in the process.

To avenge his daughter’s death, the herbalist had to destroy his greatest asset and his creation, in tears he told some police officers the secret to destroying Alani Pamolekun and that was how Alani was destroyed…the herbalist also died too.


You wanna laugh out loud, please watch this movie, lo.

Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin) made me laugh out loud, and then the scenes where Alani invaded the four palaces (esp Oba Adedoyin) to steal the crowns,  i had tears coming out of my eyes.

Also, all the characters in the movie interpreted their roles well especially Odunlade Adekola, i love him!

He was damn goooooood; he is an all rounder


The movie was too long…had so many unnecessary scenes…some of the scenes were also so long, slept off twice (a scene where some virgins were asked to offer sacrifices and dance for Alani’s spirit to be brought back to his body…it was too long) and many other unnecessary scenes (like when he visited a woman for her pubic hair, we weren’t told what he needed the hair for…the scene  was irrelevant really).

And then the movie had so many adverts. Each movie part was like one hour, 15 minutes and a minimum of 30 minutes was spent on adverts. Adverts at the beginning of the movie, adverts in between and adverts at the end, gosh, it was annoying.

If there were no adverts or unnecessary scenes, the whole movie would have been fine for just one part and it would have made more sense.

It had so many violent scenes, vulgar words, and was too fetish…must all yoruba movies be always fetish?? I wish Nigerian producers will move from making fetish movies though, God is the all in all.

And then the ending was somehow. I was glad that Fadola (the herbalist) reaped the harvest of his wickedness but it was just so painful
that the lady (his daughter) had to die like that and pay for the wickedness of her father.

Lesson learned
is that no matter how powerful you are, always try and do good with it
cos every man shall reap what he/she soeth in life.

Kudos to Odunlade
for this mind blowing movie and well directed movie.

You can watch Alani Pamolekun on Oleku TV now.



  1. Anonymous

    October 9, 2015 at 8:54 am

    stingy man, he no wan spend money at all. how can just one person write the story, direct it and produce it. He didnot kukuma stop there, he still voiced the sound track, oga oooo, all i see her is stingyness kemi, he is no super star kankan

  2. Anonymous

    October 9, 2015 at 9:27 am

    i agree, the movie was funny. I have only seen part one and two though

  3. Anonymous

    October 9, 2015 at 9:58 am

    kemi you should try doing a video review of movies, it would be fun watching you actually say all these things. Trust me. Then please go and watch mufu olosa oko, it was odunlade that acted in it too

  4. Anonymous

    October 9, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    i would try and check it out but kemi is it a 2015 movie or an old movie?

  5. Anonymous

    October 9, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    odunlade adekola, baddest yoruba actor that ever liveth. love him die, dude fit act anything

  6. Bose Ariyo

    October 9, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Though he plyplays his roles well . But he is making his movies one way action. All d movies he stares in or produced or directed are full of rituals. From Asiri Gomina and others. Is he Omo Babalawo trying to promote their work and also withour knowing sujecting it to riducule. I watched 3 of his movies and part one of Alani pamolekun and l lost d desire to continue watchimg. Let him come out in another shape. L love him sha

  7. baffoe ewere

    October 10, 2015 at 3:27 am

    I watched the movie two months ago, I really enjoyed it, I didn't encounter the advert problem cos I watched it on YouTube, I kept checking YouTube everyday till the third part was released, Kemi is that odunlade'swife, the picture wasn't labeled, anyway am proud of you, I've always followed ur blog, it's something great from an old friend lol

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